We are happy to answer your questions about our services, what it’s like to work with us, and which package might be best for you. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to send us a message.

What kinds of programs do you provide admissions consulting for?

Throughout the website, I primarily refer to MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and MPA (Masters in Public Administration) programs. That’s because these are the degrees that I have and where most of my work is focused. However, I am passionate about helping people get into all kinds of management, leadership, and public-service oriented graduate programs such as degrees focused on:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling
  • Divinity
  • Education
  • Environmental Science
  • Global and Public Health
  • International Affairs
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Nursing
  • Philanthropy
  • Psychology
  • Public Interest Law
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Work
  • Urban Planning

How do I know which coaching package is right for me?

Choosing the right coaching package depends on several factors: your timeline, your budget, and how much interaction you want. Here are our most popular packages listed in decreasing order of 1-on-1 interaction, and time spent coaching with a consultant:

Choose the package that fits in your budget and timeline. If you have the budget and at least 6 weeks until your school deadlines, All Access is the best option.

Do you provide a free profile assessment of my competitiveness?

I don’t offer free assessments because I don’t want to waste your time by giving you a cold, calculated assessment of numbers and scores. These numbers are important, but they don’t show the schools you apply to who you are and what you are about. You are not your GPA or GMAT score!

For an in-depth analysis of your profile, I offer a 50-minute coaching session called a Deep Dive (Check it out here.)

Is a Deep Dive worth it?

Of course, I am going to tell you, “yes, a Deep Dive is worth it,” because I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what we sell and so do many of our former clients.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer most of my clients payment plans for Good to Great and All Access Coaching packages; this comes with a 5% processing fee for all payment plans.

Do you have a refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds. If you would like to test the waters and see if you would like to work with us, I recommend purchasing a 50-minute Deep Dive with Kaneisha.

What % of clients apply to dual MBA/MPP degrees vs. % of clients who apply to MBA degrees only? What is the success rate for MBA/MPP clients?

We don’t have reliable data on the number of clients who apply to dual degrees versus a single degree (since many clients only work with us on part of their application process), but the inquiries we tend to receive roughly break down as follows: 50% MPP only; 30% joint MBA/MPP degrees; 10% MBA only; 10% other degrees and/or other joint degree combinations.

You can check out statistics about our past clients here.

What happens if an applicant applies to a dual degree program and is only accepted into one of the two programs?

The joint degree application process is completely separate for each school, so if you get into one school and not the other, you just go to the school you got into. For example, one of our clients was admitted to HBS but not to HKS MPA/ID (Kaneisha advised him to apply to the MPP rather than the MPA/ID based on his qualifications but he insisted) so he went to HBS only, and was actually very happy and excited about it.

What criteria does Kaneisha set in hiring the company’s consultants?

The consultants go through an interview process with Kaneisha, which covers their background, editing ability, coaching style, and a variety of other factors. If you are concerned about finding a consultant that is right for you, we will make sure to place you with one that fits.

How do you pair consultants with a client? Can the client choose which consultant to work with? What happens if clients don’t get along with their consultant?

If you have a particular consultant you’d prefer to work with, you can work with him/her as long as s/he is available to take on clients when you sign up. We match our clients with consultants based on the similarities between degree, target school, and professional background if possible. Other things we take into consideration are consultants’ work with past clients.

For example, one of our consultants is fluent in Spanish, lived in Latin America, and has successfully worked with many Latin American clients applying to HKS—so we keep giving her those types of clients. If you aren’t happy with your consultant for whatever reason, we work to resolve the issues first, and if that doesn’t fix the problem, we can transfer you to another consultant.

Reading the consultant biographies, many have non-MBA backgrounds. Does this represent a limitation in helping students apply to MBA programs?

We tend to place our MPP/MBA joint degree applicants with our policy school consultants and then have their near-final drafts of their business school applications reviewed by one of our MBA consultants. However, if the client is applying to more business schools than policy schools, we put them with one of our MBA consultants.

Strangely, the application process for top business schools is becoming more streamlined and organized every year whereas the application process for policy school has remained fairly complex over the years. Thus, even though the MBA degree is more well known and often carries a mystique of being “harder to get into,” the MPP application process actually has more moving parts and less intuitive processes.

We work with lots of joint degrees, so you’d be in good hands.

What resources/network can consultants tap into if they can’t answer a client’s question?

Any time a consultant doesn’t know the answer to a client’s question s/he will research online, including our own website (because that’s usually where the answer is if it is something related to the official application process), discuss the issue with Kaneisha, ask other consultants on the team if necessary (e.g. “What are study groups called at SIPA vs. HKS?”), and Kaneisha also calls the schools directly with questions and sometimes even calls our colleagues/competitors at other admission consulting companies to discuss issues. For example, it was unclear when the Yale SOM video interview was due, so Kaneisha called one of our competitors who also didn’t know when it was due. Kaneisha then called Yale, Yale emailed her back, and Kaneisha passed the info on to our client and to the competitor she reached out to who also didn’t know the answer.

How do you prepare clients for every admissions event, campus visit, and interview (including group interviews)?

Your consultant can help you prepare to make the most of an admissions event, campus visit, and interview through a 1-on-1 coaching call in advance of your event/visit/interview. Your consultant will also do mock interviews with you for your MBA and/or fellowship applications (if you are an All Access client and have been invited to an interview for a school/fellowship you’re working with us on).

Interview / event / campus visit prep is also something clients can discuss with Kaneisha during group coaching calls.

Can you describe more on how connecting with recent admits (to ask questions, visit the campus, hear insider information, etc.) works? What schools have the most recent admits?

We happily connect our All Access and Good to Great clients with a recent admit or past client who has already graduated if they consent to do so. This can be for a quick phone call about their experience in grad school or for them to show you around campus during a campus visit. Our clients tend to love these kinds of meetings. We have clients at most of the top business schools, policy schools, and Harvard Law School and Yale Law. To see a list of schools with our most recent admits, visit our stats page.

I won’t be taking the GRE until later this year. What are the advantages of scheduling a Deep Dive before vs. after I have my GRE score? Does Kaneisha give advice on how to best approach the GRE exam?

The advantage to signing up for a Deep Dive before taking a test is that you will have a longer amount of time to act on any advice Kaneisha provides about strengthening your candidacy such as coursework, volunteer experience, etc. Kaneisha’s test-taking advice is focused on what your minimum, target, and exceptional test score is as well as suggested test dates based on your particular application timeline.

Does Kaneisha work with clients (if so, how does she determine which clients to work with) or does she only manage The Art of Applying?

Kaneisha’s primary role is to serve as the leader and face of The Art of Applying. She works with clients via Deep Dives and the group coaching calls that come with the All Access and Good to Great packages.

What are some examples of Kaneisha’s role in the group coaching calls that come with the Good to Great and All Access packages?

Kaneisha is the coach on the group coaching calls. Four times during the application season, The Art of Applying hosts a group coaching call for all of the All Access and Good to Great clients. To give you an idea of what a group coaching call is like, Kaneisha will cover any questions the clients have about any part of the application process, and often she adds information relative to the timing of the application season. For example, if it is late in the season, she will cover topics that applicants face later in the season, like recommendation letters or dealing with rejections/waitlisting.

How does The Art of Applying prepare students for group interviews since they have a different setting than individual interviews?

If you decide to purchase All Access, then you will have access to mock interview practice with a consultant. When preparing for the interview, you will be able to go through and practice in a one-on-one setting with your consultant. We don’t currently offer a group setting for interview practice.

I am a few years away from applying to grad school, and I want to work with you. Do I really need to worry about it now, though?

If you want a free bit of advice, here it is: yes, worry about it now. If you think about it now, plan, and prepare, you won’t have to worry about it later! What some clients do is purchase a Deep Dive, so we can spend some time planning their profile and execution strategy together. Then once their target application season arrives, we work together.

On occasion, I provide customized multi-year coaching engagements to those who would like a more attentive approach over the years of preparation.

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