The After Package™

Once you’ve heard back from your schools, the real work of making tough decisions begins.

The After Package is a one-call-and-solved service that is only for people who have already applied to their graduate schools in the most recent season, and have received an admissions decision from at least one school.

What the After Package™ includes:

  • one 60-minute phone or Skype call with Kaneisha during which we will troubleshoot any outstanding decisions you have to make before making your final school and scholarship decisions
  • email coaching for up to 10 questions that can be sent within 30 days of your initial purchase of The After Package™ to make sure that all of your post-application questions are answered and all open issues with your application process are resolved
  • recording of a 90-minute group coaching call titled “Now That You’ve Been Notified: Navigating Good, Bad & Ugly Admissions & Financial Aid Decisions.”

What the After Package™ can be used for:

  • help with requesting deferrals
  • live review of deferral request letters
  • help with requesting additional scholarships, grant aid, and financial aid
  • live review of financial aid appeal letters
  • help with choosing between schools or degrees
  • deciding whether to go to school or just keep working
  • deciding whether to accept an admissions offer you have but aren’t excited about
  • deciding whether to reapply or attend a school to which you’ve already been accepted
  • deciding whether it’s worth it to reapply
  • deciding if a school or degree that you’ve already applied to is right for you
  • asking lingering questions that are plaguing you and holding you back
  • addressing worries and doubts about heading off to school or reapplying

What the After Package™ does not include:

  • help finding scholarships and fellowships. We help our Application Accelerator™ and All Access clients with finding scholarships and fellowships, but we do not offer scholarship search as a part of this service. You can join our free Facebook group to exchange information on scholarships and fellowships with other applicants.
  • reviewing the application(s) you submitted to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy. This is a service we provide for our Application Accelerator™ and All Access clients.
  • reviewing detailed information about you before the call. I am extremely efficient with using the time in the call to gather any information I need from you to help you move forward with

How to sign up for the After Package™:

Step 1: Submit your payment. The investment for the After Package™ is one upfront payment of $1600. Email us at to request an invoice.

Step 2: Schedule your After Package™ call with Kaneisha. Once you pay your invoice, we’ll send you a link to schedule directly on Kaneisha’s calendar.

Step 3: Email with one of your acceptance, waitlist, or rejection letters from the most recent application season. This letter will not be shared publicly. We require this to ensure we are reserving this service for the people who need this service most: people who have already applied and heard back from at least one school and have important decisions to make to move forward.

Step 4: Within one business day of you purchasing the After Package™, The Art of Applying team will share the group coaching call recording with you as well as give you a client folder where you can submit your email coaching questions over the next 30 days.