Six Secrets to Multiple Ivy League Acceptances: Secret #1

If you are interested in attending a top graduate school in order to take your career and life to the next level, this series is for you. Throughout the next six blog posts, you will learn how to apply to the most prestigious schools while getting better results then if you applied to second or third tier schools. You will learn how to convince the admissions committee that you are prepared for the Ivy League classroom regardless of low test scores or a low undergraduate GPA.

School Spotlight: Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Admissions Highlights:  Application Deadlines Note: These are the deadlines from the 2017-2018 application season. We will post the 2018-2019 deadlines once they are available. Source: Johnson Cornell MBA 2017-2018 Essay Questions: Note: We will post the 2018-2019 essay topics once they become available 2017-2018 Cornell Johnson Essay Topics Essay 1 At Cornell,… Continue reading

School Spotlight: Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Highlights: Overview of Degree Programs Master in Public Policy (MPP): The two-year MPP program provides future public leaders with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in public service. The MPP core requirements are built upon strong foundations in three methodological areas: analysis, management, and leadership. Master in Public Administration/International… Continue reading

School Spotlight: Yale School of Management

Yale School of Management Admissions Highlights: 2017-2018 Application Deadlines: Source: Yale SOM 2017-2018 Essay Questions: Round 1 Application deadline: September 13, 2017 Decision release: December 6, 2017 Round 2 Application deadline: January 4, 2018 Decision release: March 27, 2018 Round 3 Application deadline: April 18, 2018 Decision release: May 17, 2018 Essay prompt: Describe the biggest… Continue reading

School Spotlight: University of Chicago Booth School of Business

University of Chicago Booth School of Business Admissions Highlights: 2017-2018 Application Deadlines: Booth 2017-2018 Full-Time MBA Essay Questions: NOTE: These are the questions from the 2016-2017 application season. We will post the new ones once they are available. 2016-2017 Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Essay Question: View this collection of shared Booth moments. Choose the moment that best… Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Marcus from Harvard Graduate School of Design

Bio of Marcus from Harvard Graduate School of Design Marcus is a third year student at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design pursuing dual masters degrees in architecture (MArch I) and urban planning (MUP). Marcus was selected as one of twelve students from graduate schools across Greater Boston to receive the Rappaport Summer Public Policy… Continue reading