School Spotlight: Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Highlights: Overview of Degree Programs Master in Public Policy (MPP): The two-year MPP program provides future public leaders with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in public service. The MPP core requirements are built upon strong foundations in three methodological areas: analysis, management, and leadership. Master in Public Administration/International… Continue reading

How to Determine if the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Mid-Career (MC/MPA) Program is Right for You

Guest Post from Heidi, Consultant for The Art of Applying How to Determine if the Harvard Kennedy School Mid-Career Program is Right for You “Is this program right for me?” It’s a good question to ask yourself for any program. Perhaps more so when considering mid-career programs. The following tips will help you get started:… Continue reading

How to Write the Academic Statement for the Georgetown McCourt MPP Program

Guest Post from Heidi, consultant for The Art of Applying 3 Tips on Writing the Policy Analysis / Academic Statement for the Georgetown McCourt MPP Program The Georgetown McCourt MPP application’s Academic Statement requirement reads as follows: Academic Statement Maximum length 500 words. Your essay should address the following: MPP & MIDP: The McCourt School’s programs emphasizes analytical… Continue reading

How to Secure Your Dream Policy School Internship

Guest Post from Connie, consultant for The Art of Applying 4 Tips for Winning the Policy School Internship Game When I was applying to policy school, I daydreamed a lot. Between cramming for the GRE and drafting personal statements, I would browse school websites, look at glossy pictures of alumni, and I imagined myself at my… Continue reading

How to Decide Whether You Should do a Dual Degree in Graduate School

Guest Post from Elisa, Consultant for The Art of Applying Dual Degree Programs: To Dual or Not to Dual? Spending a full two years out of the workforce to receive an advanced degree is a huge decision to make for any young professional.  Adding another degree and more time out of the workforce can make it… Continue reading

How to decide if you should apply for a joint degree program in graduate school

Guest post by Catherine, Consultant for The Art of Applying Should you apply to a joint degree program? With job applicants these days racking up more and more credentials, many applicants are seeking multiple degrees. A joint degree, also sometimes called a dual degree or concurrent degree, can be formal or informal but they always… Continue reading

Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) 2016 MPP, MPA2, MPA/ID, and MPA/MC Application Essay Prompts

Below are the 2016 essay prompts for the Harvard Kennedy School application. Source: Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Blog All Programs – Optional Statement If you have any concerns about your prior academic, professional or personal background you would like to share with the Admissions Committee, please provide an explanation. word limit: 250 words MPP and… Continue reading

Quick Tips for the Harvard Kennedy School MPA/ID Application Essays

Post written by The Art of Applying consultant Nanako This post begins with the essay prompts for the HKS MPA/ID application and then shares some quick tips on how to tackle each essay prompt. Essay Prompts for HKS MPA/ID 2016-2017 Application Source: Harvard Kennedy School MPA/ID Website The MPA/ID application includes several essays. 1. The… Continue reading

How to Write the Berkeley Goldman MPP Program’s Policy Statement of Purpose

Post by The Art of Applying consultant Heidi Before doing anything else, read the instructions closely. The online application is going to prompt you for a general Statement of Purpose but you are instructed to submit this essay in its place instead of writing two different Statements. Don’t waste time writing a general statement of… Continue reading

2016-2017 Policy School Application Deadlines for Top MPP / MPA Programs

Last updated September 19, 2016 The schools included: American University (SPA), Carnegie Mellon (Heinz), Columbia (SIPA), Cornell (CIPA), Duke (Sanford), George Washington University (Trachtenberg), Georgetown (McCourt), Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Indiana Bloomington (SPEA), Johns Hopkins (SAIS), NYU (Wagner), Princeton (Woodrow Wilson), Syracuse (Maxwell), UC Berkeley (Goldman), University of Chicago (Harris), Michigan Anne Arbor (Ford), USC (Price),… Continue reading