Email Secret #1: Stop sending important messages via your iphone

I consider myself something of an email expert. I know how to connect with just about anyone via email and establish a meaningful relationship. I’ve been paid several times by Harvard Business School and Dartmouth College to teach my email secrets to their students, and I love sharing what I know because better emails makes everyone’s inbox a happier place.

We all use email every day, so you may think that you’ve got email handled. Let me tell you that you probably do not. If as many people who think they are good at sending emails were actually good at it, I wouldn’t receive so many terrible, ineffective, nearly unreadable emails. Now, I’m here to teach—not criticize—so I’m going to start a somewhat monthly blog post series called “Email Secrets” where I am going to teach you how to send clear, effective emails that people—admissions officers, Ivy League alumni, corporate hiring managers, and other people you may be trying to connect with—will want to read and are much more likely to respond to.

Welcome to Email Secrets! I can’t wait to help you start sending better emails. – Kaneisha AKA The Email Queen (yes, I crowned myself with that title)

Email Secret #1: Stop sending important messages via your iphone

A great way to undermine the seriousness and credibility of an email is to end it with the automatic signature “Sent from my iphone.” Yes, I understand that you’re on the go, that you already know your response, and you want to make sure that you reply in a timely manner. However, many people in positions of power to let you into the school, internship, job, or fellowship program of your choice take email communication pretty seriously—and we hate the idea that you just quickly typed something and shot it off on your phone—excuse me, your “iphone.”

If I get an internship application with “Sent from my iphone” at the bottom of the message, I become that much more sensitive to any other factors in the application that could come across as weaknesses. I take it that the person is such a multitasker and so overextended they didn’t have the time to stop, sit down at a computer, and write a thoughtful message. I think, No thanks, I’ll pass and take on someone with a little bit more time on their hands.

So take it from me, a thirtysomething who is an old school curmudgeon at heart: Stop sending important messages from your iphone, smart phone, iPad, or tablet.

If you must send important messages via these methods, take the time to remove that annoying signature. Someone who cares about proper grammar, spelling, and formatting is not going to forgive your sloppy communication just because you wrote your message on a tiny touchscreen keyboard.

How to remove “sent from my iphone” from your email messages:

I am actually taking each one of these steps one by one as I write this post so that I too can join the intelligent masses who no longer broadcasts their status as an iphone owner/lazy emailer. Let’s do this!

Click on the Setting icon (the one that looks like a gear).

Click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

Scroll down and click on “Signature.”

Delete the dreaded phrase “Sent from my iphone.”

Click the “< Mail…” text in the upper left corner.

You will no longer cause unnecessary annoyance to curmudgeons and powerful gatekeepers who believe in the sanctity of thoughtful email communication!

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