How to Prepare for a Deep Dive

I’m thrilled you’re interested in a Deep Dive!
Here’s how to be best prepared for the session.

The Deep Dive is my recommended first step for working with The Art of Applying team. It is not required, but it’s often a great way to get a strong, clear foundation for your application process, and clients consistently tell me how useful they find the Deep Dive.

The Deep Dive is a 50-minute 1-on-1 session where we discuss your background and goals, choose your schools and recommender writers, discuss any challenging decisions related to your career and the year leading up to grad school, and create clear action steps for your application process. I will give you specific ways to strengthen your applicant profile. If you are a reapplicant, we will review any prior applications.

Ever since I first introduced the offering of a Deep Dive, I have done 100+ of them. I really love doing Deep Dives, because it sets clients up to spend their time, energy, attention, and finances on the most high-impact actions during their application process. Consider taking the steps below to make the most of your Deep Dive.

Things to know about the Deep Dive:

  • The Deep Dive is conducted with me (Kaneisha Grayson). There will one day come a time when I need to pass on the torch and have my consultants conduct the Deep Dives, but for now, it’s all me.
  • The Deep Dive is recorded (with your permission). The recording is kept confidentially within the company within your client folder. The best way to listen to the recording is with Quicktime.
  • If you can’t make it to your scheduled time for your Deep Dive, you must reschedule the Deep Dive according to our canceling and reschedule policy in order to avoid fees.
  • I take notes during the Deep Dive and send them to you after the call via email, so that you can concentrate on just sharing your story and asking questions during the session.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Deep Dive:

  • Make sure you have the right day and time of your Deep Dive. If you purchase your Deep Dive on the website, you’ll be directed to a link where you can self-book your Deep Dive through Calendly. In that case, Calendly should give you the day and time of your Deep Dive in your computer’s time zone. However, many people like to request an invoice for the Deep Dive, and then manually schedule their time with my team. In that case, there can be some confusion about time zones. Use a tool like The Time Zone Converter to make sure you have the right day and time. (As of the writing of this post, I am in Central Standard Time, which I like to call “Texas time.”)
  • Send me a Skype request. The Art of Applying’s username on Skype is TheArtofApplying. You can find us via our email address as well ( All international calls are conducted via Skype (without video unless video is requested). U.S. callers can choose whether to have a Skype call or a phone call.
  • Complete the Discovery Questionnaire (DQ). You should submit your DQ at least 1 business day before the call. Fill it out as thoroughly as you can. I review the DQ before your call and have the document in front of me during our call. The more you tell me about in the DQ, the less time you have to spend telling me about it during your call. Once you complete the Discovery Questionnaire, you will receive a copy of your responses so that you have access to them as well.
  • Thoroughly review our services. The more familiar you are with the services we offer and their prices, the more ready you will be to ask questions or to see if the service you’re interested in matches my recommendation for you. If you don’t get a chance to review the services beforehand, I am happy to recommend a service for you and send information about the service after the call.
  • Upload documents to your client folder. Each Deep Dive client will receive a link to an online client folder. If you purchase your Deep Dive on a weekend, you’ll receive the link to your client folder on the following Monday. I do not review the documents in this folder ahead of time, but it can be very useful to have documents on hand for review during the call. After the call, I upload the recording of the Deep Dive to your client folder. Here are things you may want to upload to your folder:
    • the current draft of your resume. It can be 1 page or several pages.
    • transcripts from college and graduate school (if applicable). I don’t usually need to review transcripts during a Deep Dive but some clients enjoy having me review their transcripts to see what kinds of classes they have taken and how they performed.
    • a list of questions for me and/or an agenda for the call. You do not have to come with a list of questions or set the agenda. I know how to pack the call full of useful information and clear action steps for moving forward. However, if you know you want to cover a lot of ground during the Deep Dive, it can be helpful to list out your questions and agenda items. Review the kinds of questions people ask for our email coaching service as examples of good questions for a Deep Dive.

The above steps are my tips for making the most of a Deep Dive. However, you can still have a highly productive and valuable session if you just show up to the Deep Dive ready to share and learn. I look forward to our call!

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