Quick Call

15-minute Quick Call with Kaneisha

Let’s talk it out and find a solution to one pressing issue.

Who is a good fit for a Quick Call?

If you fall into one of those categories, you’re probably a great fit for a Quick Call.

  • You have one clear issue you want to discuss with me.
  • You are applying to graduate school mostly on your own but want expert guidance on one specific area.
  • You are already working with an admissions consultant, but you want a second opinion or some extra guidance on an issue.
  • You want to see what it is like to work with us on one issue before engaging us for a bigger coaching package.

Who is not a good fit for a Quick Call?

  • You want to share a lot of information about your background. We can spend 2-3 minutes with you introducing yourself on the call but spending much more time beyond that will take up too much of the call time. I do not collect documents or profile information about you before a Quick Call.
  • You want help on a variety of issues. If you want guidance on a variety of issues, you are a better fit for a Deep Dive.
  • You anticipate having a lot of follow-up questions after your Quick Call. The Quick Call takes place during our 15 minutes together on the phone. Coaching does not extend beyond the call time.

Issues to tackle during a Quick Call:

During a Quick Call, we discuss one issue or application topic. Each bullet represents one issue that would make sense to address during a Quick Call.

  • Quick assessment of your competitiveness for a school
  • When/whether to go to graduate school
  • School selection
  • GMAT/GRE prep recommendations
  • Essay brainstorming and discussions for one school (no reading or editing of essays)
  • Career decisions
  • Deferral process
  • Waitlist coaching

Questions you can ask for free via email:

Don’t waste your Quick Call time on administrative questions you can ask The Art of Applying team via our contact form or at help@theartofapplying.com at any time for free!

  • My budget is x. What package do you recommend for me?
  • The kind of coaching I want is x. Which package do you recommend for me?
  • What are the differences between these two coaching packages I am considering?
  • My background is x. Which of your consultants would you advise me to work with?
  • I’m interested in a payment plan. How does that work?
  • This is my background. Have you worked with a client similar to me before?

How does a Quick Call work?

You purchase your Quick Call. The price is $175 for your first Quick Call.

(If you want subsequent Quick Calls after your first call, they are $250.)

After making your purchase, you will then be directed to Calendly where you can book your Quick Call with me.

When you book your call, you can provide your name, email address, phone number or Skype name, and a quick message about the one issue you would like to address during your Quick Call.

How much does it cost?

The first Quick Call costs $175. You can pay via bank draft, debit card, or credit card using Paypal.

If you purchase at least $500 worth of services at one time within 30 days, you can use the Quick Call payment toward the purchase of your services.

Subsequent Quick Calls after your first Quick Call are $250. While you may purchase as many Quick Calls as you like, you can only use the payment from one Quick Call toward the purchase of products and services.

There are no refunds for Quick Calls. Quick Calls must be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance or you will need to pay a $50 reschedule fee before you can reschedule your Quick Call.

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