Hacking Harvard Kennedy School

Applying to Harvard Kennedy School and not sure where to start?

I’ll show you the way.
I’ve created a 6-part video course that will walk you through getting into Harvard Kennedy School and getting it paid for.
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I’ve packaged the best information, strategies, and insights from my experience helping applicants from all over the world gain admission to HKS and other top policy programs and created an engaging do-it-yourself course that will help you:

  • know which tasks to tackle first and then exactly what to be working on each step of the way
  • tell your story concisely so that it all fits together and argues your case in a convincing, memorable way
  • feel more confident, organized, and supported as you work on your application
  • apply the strategies you learn to apply to other top policy schools
  • learn important information and get crucial tasks completed around your busy schedule

There are 6 modules included in the Hacking Harvard Kennedy School course. Module 0 is the foundation of the entire program, and it is free. Each module includes:

  • 20-60 minutes of me teaching you via easy-to-watch videos of 10-20 minutes each
  • step-by-step instructions for implementing every tip or strategy I discuss
  • links to resources to enhance your application
  • 24/7 access to all of the content

Module 0: Introduction to the HKS Application

Hacking HKS logo
  • what you can do with a degree from HKS
  • what HKS looks for in applicants
  • how to know which degree program to apply to
  • ways to make your application stand out
  • links to FREE goldmines of information to make your HKS application amazing
  • specific answers to 20+ questions submitted by current HKS applicants

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Once you finish the free Introductory Course, you can dive deep into the components of an outstanding HKS application with the subsequent modules. There are 6 modules total, and I recommend that you go through them in order. However, if you are short on time, you can skip to the module for which you need the most guidance.

The Full Hacking Harvard Kennedy School Course:


Module 1: Perfecting your Resume

  • my top do’s and don’ts for resumes
  • how to get your super-long resume down to 2-3 pages
  • how to address gaps in employment
  • how to address uncommon salary situations
  • LIVE resume reviews by Kaneisha, showing do’s and don’ts

Module 2: Getting Great Recommendations

  • who to ask to be your recommender—and who NOT to ask
  • how to prepare your recommender to write stellar recommendations
  • what to do if your recommender asks you to write your own recommendation
  • whether you should waive your right to view your recommendations or not

Module 3: Mastering the Optional Essay

  • how to know if you should write an optional essay
  • how to discuss a low GPA
  • how to discuss low test scores
  • how to discuss gaps in employment
  • how to put forth a stellar game plan to show the AdCom that you’re ready to succeed

Module 4: Acing The Career Goal, Accomplishment, Policy Memo, and Current Events Essays

  • what to do if you are still a little unclear on your career goal
  • what to do if you hope to make a drastic career change
  • how to figure out what your dream career is called
  • the best way to discuss mistakes and accomplishments
  • how to confidently speak about public service and your career
  • what to do if you’ve always worked in the private sector but now want to get an MPA
  • how to find the public service gems in your professional experience
  • how to describe yourself as a leader with authenticity
  • what counts as “professional” and what does not
  • LIVE essay reviews by Kaneisha, showing what makes for a great essay

Module 5: Joint Degree Applicants to HKS

  • understand what you learn in a joint policy-business degree
  • learn the types of jobs joint degree graduates have
  • tips and strategies for tackling the HKS Joint Degree essay

Module 6: The Unofficial Guide to Fellowships at HKS

  • delivered as a PDF guide with a table of contents
  • an overview of some of the types of fellowships at HKS
  • how to decide which fellowships you should apply for at HKS
  • how to tackle the essay prompts for the Dubin, Gleitsman, Johnson, and Zuckerman fellowships
  • how to choose recommenders for your fellowships

How it Works:

  • The HKS Introduction Course is free and available to watch instantly. Watch it as much as you like and share it with your friends!
  • Modules 1-5 are a part of the full Hacking HKS Course. Once you submit your payment, you will receive access to a password-protected website where you can stream all the available videos.
  • You have lifetime 24/7 access to the course. You buy it once and you get it forever—even if I improve it in later years! Even if you aren’t sure if you are going to apply this year, you could buy the course and watch the videos when you are ready to apply.

My Super-Simple No-Refund Policy:

Just like all other products and services that I offer, there are no refunds for the Hacking Harvard Kennedy School course. Once you’re in the course, you are in. There is a lot of content in the free introduction module, so make sure you watch it fully to make sure that the full course is right for you.

Don’t spend another day feeling confused, overwhelmed, and alone in your application process.

Applying to Harvard Kennedy School can be a fun, organized, and encouraging process. Let me show you how!