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Do you know the REAL way Ivy League schools decide who to admit?

You hear it all the time. The top graduate schools receive far more applications from people who are qualified than they can let in. They could fill the class with people with perfect GMAT scores or flawless GPAs. But they don’t.

Every year, a few people with 3.1 GPAs, 640 GMAT scores, and roles at no-name companies land a spot at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and the like while Mr. Perfect with his 790 score, 3.9 GPA, and fancy consultant job receive rejections across the board.

So how do AdComs decide who will receive one of the treasured spots in the incoming class and who will receive a form rejection letter?

Ivy League schools don’t admit applicants that they like; AdComs let in applicants that they love.

And unlike getting into graduate school in Europe, Asia, or Australia where the right qualifications + meeting all of the requirements = admission, getting into the most elite schools in the U.S. is more like making it to the final seven of American Idol. 

It’s not just about talent, skill, and “wanting it.”

Getting in to the top schools is about dazzling the admissions committee with your story, your background, your goals, and your potential.

Getting in requires that you show them that you fit in with the overall school culture but that you’ll be able to stand out and contribute something special to the incoming class as well.

Since May 2010 when I applied for and received a $10,000 entrepreneurship grant from HBS to start this business, I’ve helped 200+ people land spots at top policy, business, and joint degree programs. My clients have collectively earned over $3.1 million in fellowships to make sure they don’t leave graduate school saddled with an unmanageable level of debt that hinders their career trajectories.

My team and I specialize in working with high-potential applicants who are aiming “above their profiles”—meaning that they are trying to get into schools whose GPA, test scores, age range, or other profile indicators are outside of their own.

I am an expert at excavating impactful stories from your life and helping you thread them together to weave a seemingly disjointed work history into a powerful pitch for your candidacy.

If my Forte Forte Comprehensive Coaching service isn’t right for you,
the Forte Good to Great package is your next best choice.

The Forte Good to Great Package

It’s simple. Send us your near-final application—and we take it from good to great.

How do we take your application from good to great?

  • strategic coaching every step of the way: Each month, a small group of us will have a clients-only ask anything Q+A call. I will answer your questions about your specific situation but you can also benefit from hearing the questions of other applicants. You can submit questions anonymously ahead of the call, ask questions live, listen to the call recording, and read the transcript!
  • a resume that works for you: Your consultant will review your resume and point out confusing jargon, opportunities for enhancing your “brag” factor (without lying or being unlikeable), and effective ways to highlight the impact of your achievements
  • tell your best story: Your consultant will edit your essays to make sure you are telling your story as persuasively and compellingly as you can while also having an eagle eyed attention to detail for the nerdy English teacher stuff like grammar, syntax, and word usage. This means that you can focus on getting your full story down on paper rather than agonizing over using a semicolon versus a period (that’s a “full stop” for my British English speakers).
  • say everything without going over: Your consultant will slice and dice your wordy essays until they are within the word limit (not a word over!) while maintaining your message. (Word limit guarantee: My team can get any essay with a word count that is up to double the word limit within the required word limit. You’re welcome!)
  • recommendations that mean something: If you have access to your letters of recommendation, your consultant will even edit and comment upon those as well.
  • short answers done well: The short answer/data questions are not just meaningless bureaucratic hurdles. You have an opportunity to make an impact with even the shortest of answers. I’ll help you with pesky questions like choosing your post-graduate career plans (from that annoyingly limited and antiquated list the application provides) and your consultant will serve as a fresh set of eyes to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

What the Forte Good to Great package includes:

  • strategic and personalized coachingEach month, you will join Kaneisha and a small group of fellow applicants on a live Ask Anything Q+A call to ask your burning questions about your applications and get answers to every question you have. (value: $6000)
  • four rounds of essay editing (up to 3000 words per round). You can mix and match schools and fellowship applications. You can focus on polishing one school’s materials to perfection. Send us your letters of recommendation or short answer responses. Use your editing however you want. (value: $4800 if purchased as essay editing)
  • four rounds of resume review (up to 4 resume pages per round). You can focus on one resume, various kinds of resumes—whatever you want. (value: $3200)
  • four rounds of email coaching. Send an email with up to 10 questions along with background information and receive a reply within 3 days from one of our consultants. You get to do this four times(value: $1000)
  • keep-forever access to Hacking Harvard Kennedy School, my super-popular course on how to get into Harvard Kennedy School—or any top policy school (value: $750)
  • keep-forever access to the Live Edit Library, an online video library of 10+ resumes and essays that I live edit from good to great as soon as you purchase the package (value: $500).
  • TOTAL VALUE: $16,250 (but don’t worry; that’s not the price)

Total Investment for the Forte Good to Great Package:
$6500 (regular price)
$5000 (special price for Forte MBA Launchers)

Payments are accepted from credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts via Paypal. Bank wire transfers are also accepted. Send an email for bank wire transfer details.

There is no deadline for the expiration of this special offer.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are available as well—as long as you are fully paid up before your first application review. Expect a 5% increase in price for payment plans that are spread out over 1-4 months. Contact me  if you are interested in a payment plan.

Refund Policy:

I have a super-simple no-refund policy. I provide my clients with my best advice, efforts, and attention. If you are unsure if the Good to Great package is right for you, I recommend that you sign up for a Deep Dive session with me to see what coaching with me is like and to get all of your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Forte Good to Great package begin?

As soon as you know you want this service, you should purchase it and reserve your spot for later as spots fill up lightning fast as we approach the deadline. You also want to sign up ASAP so that you can take start watching the Hacking HKS and Live Edit library videos as well as join the Ask Anything Q+A calls with Kaneisha.

When will I get my application reviewed?

You can submit your materials as early as you want for your essay and resume editing.

December deadlines: No materials for schools with December deadlines will be accepted after November 20, 2015.

January deadlines: All materials for schools with January deadlines must be submitted at least 7 calendar days before the application deadline.

Materials are returned in 3 business days.

The Forte Good to Great package is an excellent choice if you know what you’re doing throughout the process of applying and want your application polished to perfection before you submit.

This client worked on his own until the very end when he wanted his application turbo-charged. The result was a coveted place in the Harvard Business School MBA 2+2 Class of 2018:

Having attended a summer program and done school visits, I had an ample understanding of the program and the values that the school sought in students.  After finishing my first draft, I asked Kaneisha to look it over. Even with all my prior experience, she was able to drastically improve the way I communicated my story and effectively express my fit for the program. Because I had a strong grasp of the admissions process and my candidacy, I am even more confident to endorse Kaneisha as an excellent and enthusiastic coach that most certainly added value to my application. I highly recommend her especially to those who feel prepared about the admissions process, but want that final (magical) touch to their application. 

The package really works. Let me show you.

On November 11, 2013, I received a client’s materials for Good to Great editing. On March 13, 2014, he emailed me ecstatically to let me know he’d gotten into Harvard Kennedy School, his dream school. With his permission, I recorded myself live editing his materials, and I’m sharing them with you here now for free.

Submit your email below to watch the real video showing how I transformed his materials step by step.

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