Application Intervention

An Application Intervention is an exclusive 1-on-1 opportunity to work with Kaneisha for an intensely productive time period on polishing your applications to perfection so that you are 100% confident submitting.

I know how to get people into their dream schools.

Helping people find their voice, get clear on their career vision, and knock the socks off of Admission Committee members with their story is one of my passions.

I have an unmatched ability (nope, not being humble at all) for taking good applications to GREAT and getting people into the schools they want to go to. 

 The session is open time for you to use with me however you like. If you’d like an agenda set for you, here is a sample agenda for a 90-minute session:

  • 20 minutes | Resume Revamp: We will review your resume line by line to make sure that it looks great (meaning that it’s easy to read and not an eyesore for the AdCom members), it sounds great (we’ll get rid of confusing jargon, boring phrases, and meaningless text) and your accomplishments are great (we’ll use high-impact phrases and lots of numbers to make you look like the rockstar leader and doer you are)
  • 30 minutes | Intensive Essay Editing: We will go through every single essay for your #1 application and read it together word for word (be prepared: I have a lovely reading voice). I will review it for spelling, grammar, clarity, and word choice. I will also give you guidance on improving the structure and flow of your essays. If you have any drafts that remain to be completed, I will give you question prompts to help kickstart your writing of your essays.
  • 10 minutes | Recommender Strategy: You know you’re awesome but the AdCom wants other people to say so too. I’ll help you choose the right recommenders, how to prepare them to write an effective letter for you, and help you strategize for thorny issues like a recommender that wants you to write your own letter or a recommender who is dragging his/her feet on turning in your letter.
  • 15 minutes | Fellowship Game Plan: Every $10,000 worth of student loan debt you can avoid taking on will mean ~$100 less every single month you’ll pay in student loan payments for the next ten years. I’ve helped my clients earn over $1.8 million in fellowships from top MPP/MPA and MBA programs. I’ll help you identify the scholarships and fellowships you are eligible for and we’ll discuss how to position you to be competitive for these fellowships.
  • 15 minutes | Q&A and Action List: I’ll answer your burning questions about applying, interviewing, campus visits, life on campus, connecting with alumni, whatever you want to know. We’ll also make sure you leave the session with a clear action list of what to do after our session to make sure your application is completely ready to be wrapped up with a big red ribbon and sent off to the school of your dreams.

Who this is for:

  • applicants to top policy schools and business schools who want one powerful session with Kaneisha that will wrap everything up
  • applicants who have a #1 dream school to which they are applying and want to make sure they put 100% of their effort, energy, and resources into submitting the best application as possible to that school—as well as their backups
  • applicants who want to use this session to create a model application that can serve as an example for crafting all of their other applications
  • people who have drafts of (most of, if not all) of their essays and want to receive a thorough expert review and candid feedback
  • people whose applications are nearly finished but seem to lack that special “pick this person” factor

Sign up for an Application Intervention with Kaneisha:

40-minute session: $1500

(There will be time to edit 1-3 essays, depending on length, and ask 2-4 questions)

90-minute session: $2800

(There will be time to edit 4-6 essays and ask 5-10 questions)

How to sign up:

1) Purchase the Application Intervention.

Purchase the 40-minute Application Intervention

Purchase the 90-minute Application Intervention

2) Send an email to help@theartofapplying with:

  • subject line: Application Intervention
  • your 3 choices for appointment day and time (available times are 7 days a week 9 am – 9 pm Central Time)

3) We will create a client folder for you and let you know your appointment time. My Skype name is TheArtofApplying. Send me a contact request please.

Reschedules & Refunds:

There are no refunds for Application Interventions. Reschedules with 24 hours written notice are free and accepted as long as there is availability. Reschedules with fewer than 24 hours notice require a $250 change/cancellation/missed appointment fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will you be able to edit?

For every 10 minutes of our call that you dedicate to live editing, I can edit about 500 words or provide verbal comments for suggested changes on 1 resume page.

Can I have you review materials for multiple schools?

Yes, I’d be happy to! You can have me look over materials for multiple schools and various degrees.

Will you review my letters of recommendation?

Yes, if you have the permission of your recommender to have them edited, I’d be happy to edit them.

If I’m too busy to have a live call with you, can I just send in my materials to be edited by Kaneisha?

No, this is a live deal only. If you are unable to have a live call, you should sign up for essay editing and resume review to have one of The Art of Applying consultants edit your materials.

Contact us about the Application Intervention