Opportunity Spotlight: The Consortium

Hello and welcome back! Last week we spotlighted UCLA Anderson and showed you the flexibility it offers to tailor your education. For this week, we’re shifting directions and want to talk to you about options for financing your education at UCLA Anderson. UCLA Anderson has many types of financial aid, and offers a wide variety… Continue reading

Classes I took at Harvard Business School

The great thing about going to a top MBA program is how much flexibility there is to customize the curriculum to your specific educational desires. The first year of business school at many of the top schools is comprised of core classes, and then your second year is primarily comprised of elective courses. If you are thinking about… Continue reading

Why Artists, Social Activists, Entrepreneurs, and Other Interesting People Should Get an MBA

I had no idea what an MBA was merely eight months before I was accepted into Harvard Business School. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. My only plan post-graduation from college was “go live in Africa.” I had been awarded a generous fellowship from Rotary International to study in Ghana, and that was the extent… Continue reading