How to Tackle GMAT Quant Questions When You Aren’t Great at Math: Question Time!

By: Rowan Hand of Your GMAT Coach “I know how to do the math, but I wouldn’t know how to do that question.” This is a pretty common scenario among beginning GMAT students. It points to an interesting phenomenon: you can understand the math content required to solve, but fail to understand what the question… Continue reading

We don’t succeed alone

A common topic that comes up in entrepreneur circles is that of entrepreneur loneliness. The early days—and often years—of entrepreneurship can be extremely isolating and discouraging, especially if you’re bootstrapping your company (which means you only run the company off of revenue it has generated rather than taking funding from outside investors). I decided during… Continue reading

Perfectionism is the enemy of happiness and success

A character flaw and sabotaging mindset that I am mindful of in my life is perfectionism. The idea of perfectionism—and whether it’s good or bad, helpful or harmful—is thrown around a lot without much explanation of what it is. So let’s first have a common definition of perfectionism, and then I’ll tell you some of the ways it can… Continue reading