All Access VIP

Give yourself the VIP treatment
by working 1-on-1 with our founder,
Kaneisha Grayson

Founder of The Art of Applying, Kaneisha Grayson

Founder of The Art of Applying, Kaneisha Grayson

Imagine this…

You feel completely supported and taken care of during your entire application process.

Rather than stressed and confused about all the moving parts of the application, you feel confident and clear in your decisions.

Rather than late-night forum lurking, I send you expert resources and solutions personalized to your situation: customized timelines, reminders, prep packets, and more.

Rather than timidly asking your estranged cousin who went to Cornell 15 years ago to read your application, you have a team of eagle-eyed recent graduates ready to whip your essays into shape.

☆ All Access: VIP ☆
is our All Access coaching package
with Kaneisha as your dedicated consultant.

What You Get as an All Access VIP Client

  • Start-to-finish support on the entire application (from choosing your schools to managing deferral requests). The engagement lasts from signup through May 1, 2018.
  • Individual Attention: You’ll be working 1-on-1 with Kaneisha. You’ll have access to ongoing support via email, phone, and Skype when you need it with Kaneisha.
  • Personalized Timeline:  Kaneisha will have The Art of Applying team create a customized PDF with a week-by-week timeline for when we recommend you submit each component of your applications to us and when you’ll get them back. The timeline also includes helpful reminders for deadlines and alerts for group coaching calls with Kaneisha.
  • Private Coaching Calls: You get up to three 20-50 minute coaching calls per month as needed with Kaneisha.
  • Unlimited* Editing of your resume, essays, short answer responses, and recommendation letters by Kaneisha
  • Mock Interview Prep: 2 mock interview sessions with Kaneisha for every interview invitation you receive from a school to which you applied as a VIP client
  • Group Coaching Calls: For four intensive, highly productive sessions, you will join a small group (fewer than 20 people) and Kaneisha for an ask-anything Q&A. You can ask questions live during the call or submit them anonymously via a form. All of these calls are recorded so you can listen to them while driving, at the gym, or cleaning your home.
  • Learning on Demand: Access to the Live Edit Library so you can learn the secrets to successfully applying on your own schedule. Policy school applicants also get admission to my popular video course Hacking Harvard Kennedy School.
  • Sample Essays & Resumes: Access to successful essays and resumes of past clients to see real examples of what has worked in the past
  • Access to Ivy League Alumni: Access to select members of The Art of Applying’s network of past clients for exclusive insider insights, networking, and friendship
  • Fellowship Search:  Your coaching package also includes The Art of Applying’s Fellowship Search Service. Even if you don’t need the money, getting a fellowship while in graduate school is a prestigious honor. Our team will spend up to 2 hours searching for fellowships for VIP clients, and will send information about 2-5 fellowships for which you are eligible to apply.
  • Financial Aid Negotiation & Appeals: Did you know that you don’t have to settle for the first financial aid offer you receive? We have helped our clients successfully negotiate for thousands of extra dollars in additional grant aid (that means free money). Financial aid negotiation and financial aid appeal letter coaching is included in your package.
  • Matriculation Deferral Coaching: About 1 in 10 of our clients gets admitted to their dream school but needs an extra year before they attend. Your package includes help with crafting a request to delay going off to your dream school.
  • Waitlist Coaching: If you get put on the waitlist at any of your schools to which you applied as a VIP client, Kaneisha will help you manage the process of fighting your way into the incoming class.

*You can submit up to 3 essays, 2 letters of recommendation, and 2 resume pages for editing each business day.

Investment for the All Access VIP package

$25,000 for up to 5 applications

(+$2000 each additional application)

Note: Applications can be school applications or fellowship applications. The VIP package includes up to 5 school and/or fellowship applications combined.

Coaching period:

Coaching begins as soon as you sign up and lasts through May 1, 2018 so that you have enough time to hear back from schools, negotiate financial aid and fellowships, and fight your way off any waitlists as necessary.

We happily take on clients throughout the year (even at the very last minute) but we recommend that clients begin working with us as early as possible and no later than 3 months before their first deadline for the best results.

Paying for the All Access Coaching Package:

The prices quoted above are the price if you pay in one single upfront payment.

If you’d like to spread payments out over several months, we’re happy to create a customized payment plan for you. There will be 5% increase on the total price of your package if you break up your payments over 2-7 consecutive months.

All payment plans must be 100% paid up by four weeks before the first application deadline. For example, if you are applying first round to MBA programs, you’d need to have all payments complete by 4 weeks before your first MBA deadline.

Send inquiries regarding payment plans to

How to sign up for All Access VIP

The first step is to have a Deep Dive with Kaneisha. The Deep Dive is a 50-minute 1-on-1 strategy call during which she will examine your personal and professional background, help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your applicant profile, and lay out a clear plan and tasks for your application process. The Deep Dive is an excellent way for you and Kaneisha to make sure that you are an excellent match for each other.

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