Weekend Intensive

Work with me to perfect your applications in one weekend.

Do any of these sound like your thoughts?

  • “I know I have important things to say about myself and my goals, but I don’t know how to get it all to make sense on paper.
  • “I’m afraid that my past imperfections (grades, test scores, work experience, etc.) are going to hinder my future. I don’t know how to get the AdCom to look past my numbers to see who I really am.
  • “I know I have great potential, but my essays don’t seem all that interesting. I don’t know how to make myself stand out from the Earth-shattering superstars with perfect stats.”
  • I just want someone by my side to make this confusing, exhausting, and often discouraging process less daunting.”

Your Weekend Intensive will banish those nagging, self-defeating thoughts.
Our work together will give you these empowering beliefs:

  • “I have concise, compelling essays that clearly and convincingly discuss my personal and professional background and goals. I have made my case. I have no doubt that I have put my best self forward.”
  • “I have eloquently and confidently explained my imperfections and claimed them as learning experiences. My challenges have made me an even better candidate than someone who has not experienced failure.”
  • “My essays put me in my own spotlight where I am the hero of my own story. My memorable essays make it so that no one else’s story gets compared to mine.”
  • “I have a trusted expert who knows what I’m going through to answer every question, doubt, fear, worry, and freak-out I might have. Surprisingly, with her by my side, I have far fewer doubts and freak-out moments.

What a Weekend Intensive includes:

  • 50-minute Deep Dive via Skype where we will review and refine your application game plan
  • personalized checklist for how to best prepare for our weekend intensive
  • 2 intensive 1-on-1 workshop days with me (We can meet for a 5-hour block on a Friday & Saturday or a Saturday & Sunday.)
  • 3 rounds of in-person editing of all components of your top 3 applications: essays, resumes, short answer responses, and if necessary, letters of recommendation
  • 1-hour wrap-up call with me via Skype or phone to ask any last questions before submitting your top choice application

Where we can meet:

We’ll meet in a beautiful, inspiring space such as WeWork where we will have privacy, big whiteboards, and quick access to good coffee. If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to come and work with me in Austin, my hometown and company headquarters—but it’s your choice!

I am available to meet you in one of the following places:

  • New York City
  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, Texas
  • Mexico City
  • Skype / Google Hangout (if you’d rather stay at home)
Yep, that's me. At WeWork!

Yep, that’s me. At WeWork!

When we can meet:

  • November 11 – 13
  • Nov 18 – 20
  • Nov 25 – 27 (Must meet in Austin or online)
  • Dec 2 – 4
  • Dec 9 – 11
  • Dec 16 – 18
  • Dec 30 – Jan 1 (Must meet in Austin or online)
  • Jan 6 – 8
  • Jan 13 – 15
  • Jan 20 – 22 (Must meet in Mexico City or online)
  • Jan 27 – 29 (Must meet in Mexico City or online)

Price for your Weekend Intensive: $16,000

Your payment includes our workspace, the Deep Dive, two 5-hour workshops on consecutive weekend days (Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday), a 1-hour wrap-up call, a personalized checklist to help you prepare for your Weekend Intensive, and any worksheets my team and I create for you to help get your creative juices flowing for your 3 applications. You are not responsible for my housing, flight, food, etc.

The price does not include your flight, housing, food, or other costs to participate in your Weekend Intensive.

Reschedule Policy: If you have more than 14 days before your scheduled Weekend Intensive, we can reschedule a virtual or Austin-based Weekend Intensive at a time that works for both of us. There are no reschedules within 14 days of your scheduled Weekend Intensive.

Refund Policy: Like all our other services, this is a no-refund deal. We put 100% into every service we provide and stand behind our work. Make sure you’re ready for this commitment before purchasing, because once you’ve purchased, you’re committed!

Who the Weekend Intensive is good for:

  • someone applying to their dream school this season (within a few months) or early next season
  • someone who is willing to write first drafts of their essays before we meet up (They don’t have to be good! You just need to be willing to write first drafts.)
  • someone who is willing to set aside two weekend days to dedicate to working intensively on the application for their dream school
  • someone who is willing to put forth their very best effort in crafting their perfect application

Who the Weekend Intensive is not for:

  • someone who expects me to write their essays or letters of recommendation for them
  • someone who gives up easily or gets so discouraged that they refuse to keep moving forward
  • someone who isn’t willing to do a moderate amount of prep work to prepare for the Weekend Intensive
  • someone who doesn’t want honest feedback on their application

How to sign up:

The steps to sign up are straightforward:

1) Contact my team to let us know you are interested in the Weekend Intensive. Give us your top two choices for weekend dates and which location you’d like to meet.

2)  Complete the Discovery Questionnaire so we can learn more about you. (If you’ve previously completed it, we should have it on file.)

3) We will verify that your weekend of choice is available, and send you a client agreement and invoice. Once you sign the agreement and pay the invoice, we’ll begin to get you prepared for your Weekend Intensive!

Contact us about scheduling your Weekend Intensive.