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Is this you?

  • You’re determined to apply and get admitted to a top policy school, business school, or both—but you aren’t 100% familiar with the process and fear that a simple mistake could cost you your ticket to the Ivy League.
  • You’re afraid that you won’t get into a top grad school and your chances of working at the World Bank / IMF / Acumen Fund / your own consulting firm will be severely limited.
  • The idea of not getting to study under all the amazing scholars whose work you read in The Economist really depresses you.
  • You fear your low GPA / test scores / limited work experience will result in your application being tossed in the “maybe…eh, maybe not” pile
  • Your worst nightmare is that you will pour your time, energy, and hard-earned money into tackling this process—and then have to do the entire thing all over again.
  • You are a proactive self-starter who is willing to learn the strategies and insights necessary to crafting a winning application—and you are willing to implement what you learn.

If so, let’s be friends!

Hi, I’m Kaneisha Grayson.

Kaneisha Grayson Founder, The Art of Applying Harvard Business School MBA Harvard Kennedy School MPA

Kaneisha Grayson
Founder, The Art of Applying
Harvard Business School MBA
Harvard Kennedy School MPA

Since May 2010 when I received a $10,000 entrepreneurship grant from Harvard Business School, I’ve made it my job to:

  • help people feel confident and clear when writing their essays
  • understand how their candidacy measures up to other people applying to top policy and/or business schools
  • clearly and convincingly convey their career goals
  • work efficiently and systematically on their application process so that they have time to enjoy life and maintain performance at work
  • juggle numerous applications simultaneously while getting everything done

Wanna read more?

  • figure out how to turn what appear to be weaknesses (low GPA, low test scores, etc.) into strengths and assets to the application
  • position their work experience—no matter how seemingly unrelated—for the graduate programs they wish to attend
  • decide on appropriate experiences to include in their essays
  • help international students—especially my beloved Aussies—navigate the complicated U.S. grad school admissions process
  • turn generic responses to essays into sparkling, memorable messages
  • show people how to take wordy, wandering essays and get them down to the word limit without losing the core message
  • write “optional” essays that explain application weaknesses and leave no doubt that you are adequately prepared for the rigor of a top graduate school
  • teach people how to find fellowships and position themselves well to receive them
  • help people choose the best recommenders and prepare their recommenders to write stellar letters of support
  • make sure your essays reflect the depth and breadth of your experiences while still communicating a cohesive story
  • showcase and shape your experiences and plans for the future
  • turn one-page MBA-focused resumes into expanded CVs that tell the full story of your potential as a public leader
  • tackle thorny recommender issues—like when a recommender asks you to write your own letter
  • overcome writer’s block and get great content down on the page

My clients have been awarded over $12.3 million dollars in graduate fellowships and are students and alumni of top business and policy schools around the world.

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