Recap of the 2017 SXSWedu Conference & Festival in Austin

Guest Post from Renata, Executive Assistant for The Art of Applying  Hi, I’m Renata. I’m Kaneisha’s Executive Assistant, and this is my second guest post for The Art of Applying blog. Today’s post is about me and Kaneisha’s experience at the SXSWedu Conference & Festival in Austin. Last week, Kaneisha and I spent part of our work… Continue reading

How to Secure Your Dream Policy School Internship

Guest Post from Connie, consultant for The Art of Applying 4 Tips for Winning the Policy School Internship Game When I was applying to policy school, I daydreamed a lot. Between cramming for the GRE and drafting personal statements, I would browse school websites, look at glossy pictures of alumni, and I imagined myself at my… Continue reading

How to Save Money and Be Frugal in Grad School

Guest Post from Connie, Consultant for The Art of Applying How to Save Money & Be Frugal in Grad School For many of us, graduate school can be 2-3 very expensive years. Increased earning potential after graduation doesn’t always mean that you have spare cash to spend right now. Fellow students and I often shared ideas… Continue reading

What is Law School Like? What Do You Actually Learn?

What is law school really like? Congratulations! You nailed the LSAT, crafted a beautiful personal statement, scored excellent letters of recommendation, and now you’re off to law school in the fall. What should you expect? First things first—go watch The Paper Chase. Law schools in the 21st century have little in common with HLS as… Continue reading

What to Do and Traps to Avoid in Your First Week of Grad School

By: Heidi, Admissions Consultant for The Art of Applying and Columbia SIPA alumna The summer is underway and the first week of grad school steadily approaches.  Suddenly you’ll turn around and realize it’s just around the corner.  So, what should you expect in that first week?  And what should you do when you get there?… Continue reading

Here is How to Not Pick the Wrong Courses for Grad School

By: Heidi, Admissions Consultant for The Art of Applying and Columbia SIPA alumna So you’re in. You made it. You’re now a proud incoming graduate student. No need to think any further or make any more tough choices, right?  Wrong.  Here’s where some of the critical choices will come into play that position you to… Continue reading

How to Deal with Insecurity Before and During Grad School

Insecurity is a pervasive part of the grad school experience, and is perfectly natural. However, you don’t want insecurity to cloud your decision-making or hinder your experience of grad school. Here are some tips for dealing with insecurity before and during grad school. Examples of insecurity Before you get in, it’s “Is my profile good… Continue reading

Classes I took at Harvard Business School

The great thing about going to a top MBA program is how much flexibility there is to customize the curriculum to your specific educational desires. The first year of business school at many of the top schools is comprised of core classes, and then your second year is primarily comprised of elective courses. If you are thinking about… Continue reading