Closing the Loop When Your Network Pulls Through

Guest Post from Gabrielle, Blogger for The Art of Applying  If you haven’t already read Parts One and Two of this series on signs it’s time to look for a new job and how to tap your network to help in the process, you may want to check them out before reading this third, and final,… Continue reading

How to Tap Your Network to Help With Your Job Search

Guest Post from Gabrielle, Blogger for The Art of Applying  I’m fortunate to have learned a lot about the power of networking very early on in my career. When I graduated from college in 2006, I used the following steps to get my first job at Disney: Apply for 70-80 entry-level positions and get zero responses… Continue reading

4 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Guest Post from Gabrielle, Career Coach and Consultant; Founder of  I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d be peacefully asleep, dreaming of some blissful nonsense and then — BEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEP — the shrill sound of my old-school alarm clock would pull me from my reverie at 6:30am. I’d lay there for a… Continue reading

How to Stay Organized During the Graduate School Application Process

When applying to graduate school, it’s imperative to be fairly organized so that you can stay fairly sane. Being organized will save you a lot of time, energy, and headache—so that applying to graduate school can be one part of your full life rather than take over your life. With graduate school applications, the top thing to be… Continue reading

How to Create an Awesome Résumé

When creating a résumé, keep these points in mind. Consider the point you are trying to make with your résumé. When I say point, I mean that you should keep in mind what you are trying to communicate to the reader. This is super important. Every piece of information you share in your résumé should… Continue reading