Client Case Study: Full Scholarship to Business School with a Low GPA and Low GRE Score

Client: Ashley

Service: Application Accelerator®

Join Date: June 2018 | End Date: May 2019


  • African-American (of Jamaican descent)
  • First-generation American
  • First-time applicant

Application Stats

College: Baruch College

Major: Operations Management

GPA: under 3.2

GRE Score: under 310 combined (GMAT equivalent of a under 500)

Work Experience: 5 years of working for a third-party logistics company


  • Indiana University Kelley School of Business
  • Washington University Olin School of Business
  • Ohio State Fisher College of Business


  • Full Consortium scholarship to Indiana University Kelley School of Business
  • Full Forte scholarship to Washington University Olin School of Business
  • $43,000 scholarship to Ohio State Fisher College of Business
  • Total scholarship aid: $354,204 (average of $118,068 per school acceptance)


Indiana University Kelley School of Business on a Full Consortium Scholarship

Notable Quotes

“I wanted to go to business school, because I realized that there was more in supply chain that I wanted to discover and I was only touching a little bit of it. And I wanted to understand the beginning to the end.

“I know there might be lots of people out there that think that’s a really low GPA as compared to other candidates that are applying…I know that I really wanted an MBA, so I wasn’t going to let stats define me.”

“I wanted to go to the next level. I didn’t have a support system, and I really did need one.”

“It seemed as if they [other admissions consulting companies] had a rubric of ‘You have to do this; you have to do that.’ One thing that really stuck out to me is that you were like, ‘Come as you are, and I’ll make you great.'”

“I really liked that everything was very organized. There was a lot of stuff to do… Knowing that there was some type of structure really helped me organize myself.”

“I also really, really loved the Facebook group that you had for all of the alumni for The Art of Applying…. I felt like I was alone…and like I needed someone to talk to, and I had the support of a whole bunch of great people.”

“I was always told that if you want something really, really good, sometimes you have to pay… I know that I really wanted an MBA, and I didn’t want to have to keep going through the same process, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong… I also knew that being able to navigate the system in order to apply—I needed help. I knew I needed help, and I was willing to invest in myself. And in the end, I got a scholarship.”

“Don’t wait. You would love to think that you are going to get the perfect score because you’re going to study super hard, you’re going to have all the time in the world but reality kicks in and then you have to do overtime at work, you have to travel for work, you thought that you were really good at taking a test and you sat down during the test and your practice exam does not match whatever you got that day. And then you have to retake it you have to study, and time goes by, and then, you know, it it’s deadline time for your application.”

“Thank you! I couldn’t do it without you guys!”

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