Affirmations for Applying to Graduate School

Here at The Art of Applying, we put a big focus on mindset—both among those who work for the company and in our work with clients. Not only do we have Mindset Coaches on staff for our clients in the Application Accelerator, we start every client call with celebrations. It’s one of my favorite aspects of our company culture, and I know it makes a real difference in keeping our clients in a high vibrational state that helps them maintain momentum as they apply to their dream schools.

I strongly believe in the power of affirmations, focusing on the positive, and putting my energy and attention where I most want results to occur in my life. The process of applying to graduate school—whether it’s business school, policy school, law school, or another degree—can be overwhelming, daunting, and discouraging.

I’ve written affirmations to help you stay encouraged, motivated, and on the path of moving toward your grad school dreams.

I suggest you make these affirmations an important part of your daily routine. You can write them down on notecards, and say them to yourself during your morning rituals. You can write the affirmations in various colors and put them on a vision board near where you complete most of your studying and work at home. Heck, get a neck tattoo of your favorite affirmation and be reminded every time you look in the mirror—or not.

Regardless of how you decide to keep these affirmations top of mind, I hope you find them helpful and encouraging.

I wrote affirmations for applying to grad school. Enjoy!

photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon

Remember these affirmations as you apply to grad school:

I fully embrace my personal, professional, and academic desires.

Not having all the answers is no excuse to not get started; I can complete a long journey one step at a time.

I make choices based on what makes my heart sing versus what other people in my life think I should do or want.

Experiencing moments of doubt does not mean I should give up; it just means I need more clarity.

I am committed to focusing on what is working, and getting support to find solutions for what is not working.

My past accomplishments and failures matter, but they do not have to define me.

I know that big changes in my life start with big investments—of time, energy, and other resources.

If a system for success has worked for others, it can work for me.

I am willing to believe that making my own needs, wants, and goals a priority will put me in a position to give and serve more.

I will focus on consistently moving toward my goals rather than depending on sporadic bouts of motivation or inspiration.

I will reach out for help if I realize I am not making the progress I want to be making.

It’s okay to admit when I don’t know something; this is how we all learn.

I know that numbers matter, but I am more than my age, test score, GPA, or the ranking of my college.

I will focus on listening and following those who have what I want, and who have walked the personal, professional, and/or academic path I am looking to take.

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    1. Kaneisha Grayson

      Diana, yes, it really can be! That’s why it’s great to surround yourself with a support system of like-minded fellow applicants and consider getting expert help with the process (hint: I mean us). 😉 Thank you for commenting!

    1. Kaneisha Grayson

      You’re welcome, Minerva! I’m glad you found it encouraging. The Art of Applying team and I are ready to turn these affirmations into a reality! Thank you for commenting!


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