How to get a new page in Word without pressing enter, enter, enter

Wondering how to get a new page to type on in Microsoft Word without pressing enter repeatedly?

To get a new page in Microsoft Word, go to the menu ribbon at the top of the page and click on “Insert”.

Then select “Page Break”. This will start a new page for you to type on.

To collapse the two pages and hide all of the white/blank space, double-click the blue area between the two pages. To expand the two pages to show all the white space, double-click the gray line separating the two pages.

Now when you are writing your essays, you can stop exhausting your pinkie finger with pressing enter, enter, enter!

6 Comments How to get a new page in Word without pressing enter, enter, enter

  1. Kaneisha

    Update: One of our community members let me know that you can just press CTRL+Enter to get to a new page! The “enter” button is our friend after all!

  2. shriti

    i have completed 25 pages on word and i want the next 26th page but if at all i press that page break ,,the contents of 25th page is getting shifted to 26th page thereby leaving 25th page blank whereas i want 26th one to be blank…plz help as soon as possible

    1. Kaneisha Grayson

      Hi Shriti, I’m pretty sure you’re already done working on your project in Microsoft Word. I hope you got the page break situation sorted out!


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