School Spotlight: University of Pennsylvania Law School

Hello and welcome back to our Schools and Scholarships Spotlight series  exploring top-tier graduate schools and fellowship opportunities!

We’ve highlighted some of the top graduate schools in the country, including Stanford Graduate School of Business and Chicago Harris for you business and policy school applicants. If you haven’t read about them, check them out on our blog!

For this week, we’re talking to those of you who are dreaming of going to law school and introducing:

The University of Pennsylvania Law School

Whether you are just starting on your journey to becoming an attorney, if you’ve received your legal education outside the U.S., or even if you are a graduate student in a different field of study but still have an interest in gaining knowledge of U.S. legal practices related to your field of study, Penn Law has a program for you.

Full Time Programs:

JD (Juris Doctorate) → The JD is a three year program that combines U. Penn’s interdisciplinary curriculum with various co-curricular activities and pro-bono responsibilities, all while preparing students for admission to the bar to serve as effective, ethical and responsible members of the legal profession.

LLM →  U. Penn’s LLM program is over a century old. This program is designed as a one year study in advanced legal topics for lawyers that have been trained outside the United States. Penn Law has a general LLM curriculum which allows students to design their own path and focus on a particular topic. The LLM also takes classes with upper level JD students including the 5-week summer program.

LLCM → This one year program is an advanced course of study designed for those who have already completed their LLM degree. LLCM students have the opportunity to gain US legal experience and participate in four clinical programs focusing on Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Technology, International Human Rights and Immigration, or Mediation.

SJD (Doctorate of Juridical Science) → The SJD is the highest level of degree offered at Penn Law and requires students to write a dissertation that makes an original and substantial contribution to legal scholarship. You must already have earned an LLM, JD or equivalent degree from Penn Law or a comparable institution to be eligible for this program.

ML (Master’s in Law) →  This program is currently offered exclusively for Penn graduate students and staff and is designed to give students a solid understanding of how the U.S. legal system functions in general as well as having specific knowledge of law in their areas of interest. This program also allows students to grow a deep professional network as students from all disciplines coexist in the same space.

Joint Degrees → Penn Law offers students the chance for cross-disciplinary studies with 36 specified joint degrees ranging from Business, Social Policy, Education, Criminology and more. They also offer joint degree programs in conjunction with a few select undergraduate programs for students to complete their desired undergraduate degree while also working towards their JD.

Cross Disciplinary Focus

Penn Law believes that the next generation of lawyers should not only be trained in law but should also having training in related fields such as business, communications, health, technology, international studies, social work, and education. Click here to watch cross-disciplinary innovation in action at Penn Law.

Students at Penn Law also have the opportunity to pursue one of several certificates of study as part of their JD degree. Interesting in working at the intersection of business and law? Then check out the Wharton School’s certificate in business economics and public policy. Or perhaps you want to run your own nonprofit one day? Then consider the certificate in nonprofit administration.   Maybe environmental protection is your calling. If so, the certificate in environmental science will help prepare you to have a positive impact. If we didn’t mention your particular interest, please do check out their certificates program website as there were too many offerings to list them all here!

World Class Education

Needless to say, at Penn Law you’ll learn from distinguished faculty in a state-of-the-art campus. If you have a chance, be sure to check out Penn Law’s virtual campus tour which highlights some of the incredible buildings that make up Penn Law and the beautiful University of Pennsylvania campus as well. Penn sits in the heart of Philadelphia, PA: home of the Liberty Bell, the world-class Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the best cheesesteaks you will ever eat.

To learn more about Philadelphia and the incredible opportunities that await there check out Penn Law’s Guide of Things to Do, Where to Live, and How to Get Around.

If you’re wondering  just what does the incoming class look like at Penn Law? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Penn Law Class of 2020:

  • Applicants: 5,601
  • Enrolled: 244
  • LSAT Score Median: 169
  • GPA Median: 3.89
  • Women: 48%
  • Students of Color: 34%
  • LGBTQ: 12%
  • Out of College One or More Years: 72%
  • Advanced Degrees: 7%
  • Age Range: 20-35
  • Average Age: 24
  • First Generation College Student: 10%

So do you see yourself fitting in to Penn Law but aren’t sure where to start? Book your free 90-minute Breakthrough Call with our team and start moving forward towards your dreams.

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