Breakthrough Call

The Breakthrough Call is the first step to working with us. This free, in-depth 1-on-1 call is for applicants who are 100% decided that they are going to apply to grad school this season and committed to turning around and/or making meaningful progress in their application process.

During your Breakthrough Call, we’ll review your personal, professional, and academic background. You’ll share your goals, worries, challenges, and stuck points.

In this session, we lay the framework for the rest of your application process—and then we’ll decide together if you’re a great fit for working with The Art of Applying® team on your applications to your dream schools and scholarships.

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Application Accelerator®

The Application Accelerator® is our signature program. It is a selective, invitation-only coaching program that is a hybrid of group coaching and 1-on-1 coaching for high-achieving high-potential students and professionals applying in the 2019-2020 application season to the most competitive graduate schools and fellowships.

Please note that we only work with the most committed applicants to top business school, policy school, and law schools (and with other degrees such as MSW and M.Ed on a case by case basis) who have at least 10 weeks until their school deadlines.

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Refund Policy:

The Art of Applying® is a strictly no-refund business. I am 100% committed to the success of my clients, and I only work with people that I believe have a strong chance of being admitted into their target schools if they work with me and my team.

Not sure which package is right for you?

If you aren’t sure which service is right for you, we’d be happy to help you find a coaching package that fits your coaching needs and budget.

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