Six Secrets to Multiple Ivy League Acceptances: Secret #6

Welcome to the 6th and final secret of our six secrets to multiple Ivy League acceptances series! We can’t believe we’ve made it to the end already!

So are you ready to jump right in? Here’s Secret #6:

Invest in mentoring.

Here at The Art of Applying, we believe that every person applying to graduate school should have a mentor, and here’s why. A mentor will provide two things: new ideas and accountability. Even throughout this blog series you’ve learned secrets that you wouldn’t know without some form of mentorship from us. We follow the results of the people who commit to working with us, as well as the people who reach out to us but ultimately employ a DIY strategy or purchase a lower priced package from one of our competitors. When we checked back in with the people who used a cross- your-fingers DIY strategy or a la carte services from another company, we consistently found people had been admitted to less prestigious schools than our clients with similar profiles, they received less funding, or they weren’t admitted at all.

A good mentor is going to give you great ideas and make sure that you act on them.

A great mentor will also put together a powerful group of individuals that are all working towards similar goals. By gathering high-potential people and having them working together toward a similar goal multiplies everyone’s effectiveness exponentially!

In our client roster, we have individuals who earn $500,000 a year working in finance as well as individuals who earn $60,000 a year working at non-profits. When they’re all working together, learning together, and pushing each other, everyone wins. The difference between the people who get good enough results and the people who get head-over-heels exiting, life-changing, happy dance results are that the second group of people considered themselves worthy enough to invest in their future.

Our clients know that if they aren’t willing to believe in and invest in themselves, they can’t expect anyone else to be. You only get one chance to be a first time applicant to your dream schools and if you don’t get the application process right the first time, you will have to reapply, or you might just give up on your dream of an outstanding grad school education entirely. You may have been able to get this far without much mentorship and just doing things on your own. The strategies and resources that have gotten you this far are not the same resources that will get you where you want to go from here.

Let us tell you a story about one of our clients who realized that before it was too late.

Here’s the testimonial that she wrote at the end of her application process. She was someone who was going to be a DIY applier and who ended up deciding to invest.

Working with The Art of Applying does make a difference. I had read every single post on Kaneisha’s blog, and had applied to over 10 universities in the past. Yet none of it compared with a good consultant looking over my application. My first drafts were all over the place. I wrote my story and the things I wanted to do, but I had no filter. I tend to write a lot and didn’t know what to cut. When we read our own stories we just don’t see the holes in them. My consultant saw these missing pieces and played with my essay paragraphs until it became a cohesive narrative. The most important, however, was being asked the right questions. The whole process gave me confidence on my story and on my strengths. Kaneisha convinced me I should go for it when I was thinking of waiting another year. Then throughout my essays… my consultant just knew what parts of my story I should make the most of. So if you have insecurities about whether to apply, or how to present your story, hire them. It’ll be worth it.

She worked with us and she got into Chicago Booth, Tuck, and Ross; both Tuck and Ross gave her scholarships.

Now you have a choice.

You can either take this information from the last six weeks and eventually forget all about it. You can stay stuck where you are and roll the dice with your dreams. Our guess however is that if you’re on this blog post, you came here for a reason. You know that your application process could be much more efficient and effective, and that you don’t want to risk applying the wrong way. Or you can take action now to turn around your application process so you can move towards your dream school and the extraordinary life and high impact career that you know you can have. You will keep progressing in your career, reach your full potential, and make your mark on the world.

So which path will you choose?

Book a free Breakthrough Session with us and speak to our team today!

On the call we’ll help you get total clarity about exactly what you want your application process to look like, and the exact steps you should take to achieve your goals. If you want us to help you and if you think we’re a good fit, we might invite you to be one of the clients we take on this month in our Application Accelerator™.

We’ll teach you the same application strategies that our clients who were accepted to Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Stanford Graduate Business School, London Business School, INSEAD, Princeton Woodrow Wilson School, Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy, Wharton, and Columbia Business School and SIPA, and other top graduate schools used when they worked with us. And we will show you how to apply to your dream schools just as effectively as they did.

Now’s the time to make your decision to move forward and change your life.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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