Team Member Spotlight – Dylan

This week we’re introducing you to one of our incredible team members here at The Art of Applying, so you can get to know us a little better!

Meet our lead breakthrough coach, Dylan!

Dylan grew up in rural Canada, and went to high school in the middle of nowhere. He was always a very strong writer so he pursued an education and career in journalism. He did eventually decide, however, that he wanted to find work that he found more fulfilling (The Art of Applying!).

In addition to his work, Dylan is passionate about the Liverpool FC. He self identifies as an obsessed soccer fan, and thinks non stop about his team. He even has the Liverpool motto, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattooed on his forearm! In 2017, Dylan realized a lifelong goal when he finally got to see a live game during a visit to Liverpool. He loves the fan culture surrounding the club, and genuinely feels that his bond with the team is meant to be.

Dylan has a few things that he loves about working for The Art of Applying. The first is that he loves working with the people, both internally and externally, that he gets to communicate with. He feels that our team is both fun and diverse, which makes for a positive company culture. On the client side, he loves that he has the opportunity to engage with different people from all over the world. For Dylan, it is fulfilling to hear about our clients’ goals and dreams, and to be a small part of helping them achieve their goals.

A fun fact about Dylan? People always tell him he looks like Johnny Depp, so this past Halloween he dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow!

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