Team Member Spotlight: Jordan

Team Member Full Name: Jordan Veiga

Preferred Name: Jordan

Job Title: Enrollment Specialist

How would you best describe your role on the team at The Art of Applying?

As of right now my role on the team is an Enrollment Specialist. An Enrollment Specialist is someone who spends time with applicants going over their grad schools applications and picking through what’s working and what’s not. The goal is to find applicants who are a good fit for our program and invite them to work with our team to better their application process. The main goal of my position is to enroll individuals into achieving their dreams.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

My favorite aspect of my job is simply the gratitude of changing people’s lives. Every time I enroll someone to work with our team, I can confidently say that we are making a massive impact in their life, and there’s no greater feeling than positively changing someone’s life.

If you were to go to grad school, what would you study and why?

If I were to go to grad school now, I would choose an MBA because of my Bachelor’s. I did my undergrad in Marketing and I find that an MBA would ultimately give me the credentials to open up my own marketing business or even just build up my resume.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I like to play soccer; I received a full-ride scholarship back in undergrad and it has always been a passion of mine to play soccer. I have played my whole life and have every intent to keep playing in the future.

If you could have coffee with any public figure (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

If I could have a coffee with any public figure it would be Elon Musk. To me, he is one of the most fascinating innovators of our time. Tesla itself is incredible, but not only that, his other projects such as Space-X are great to read and learn about. I would love to have a chat with him and just pick his brain for ideas and views he has on our world.

What would you describe as your culture and/or heritage? What’s something you can teach us from or about your culture?

For me, my culture growing us was very European, as both my parents are from Portugal. That being said, I am a first generation Canadian and proud to be one. I am grateful to be raised in a European household and to learn my family’s culture and beliefs. One thing I express a lot to my friends that I learned from my culture, is the demand for respect. I learned from a young age that respect is earned as long as you are willing to earn it.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to and why?

My favorite place I’ve traveled is definitely Portugal, and I say that completely unbiased! The never ending beaches and unique cafes offer a wide variety of culture and a sense of the Portuguese cuisine. Being in Portugal was absolutely mesmerizing and I will never forget the time I was there. To go along with that, I have had several friends who have also visited the small European country and have all told me it was their favorite place to visit.

What’s the most surprising fact about you?

The most surprising fact about me would have to be my tattoos. A lot of people don’t know I have any, but they are very unique in their own way and have their own personal meanings. The ink I have on my arm is a sense of art and design, which to me, is great to have.

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