Team Member Spotlight: Kyle

Team Member Full Name: Kyle Schattner

Preferred Name: Kyle

Job Title: Customer Service Associate

How would you best describe your role on the team at The Art of Applying?

Essentially from start to finish, as soon as we have a new customer enroll into the program until the day their engagement ends with us, I’m here to make everything run smoothly. I make sure that our customers understand how everything works, know where to find everything they need, and ensure that they’re able to make the most of their time working with us.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Beyond just being a member of this amazing team, I personally get a lot out of helping our customers. I can really appreciate how stressful this process can be so anytime I’m able to quell any fears, concerns or confusion by providing them with assistance, it makes me happy!

If you were to go to grad school, what would you study and why?

If I were to go to grad school, I think I’d be drawn towards policy school; probably an MPA/ID program. I’ve always had a deep interest in the world beyond the borders of my own home and as I’ve grown older I’ve also become more engaged in politics. I think working in government or for an organization like the United Nations would definitely pique these interests.

What do you do for fun?

I am a bonafide football (soccer) nut! I basically eat, sleep, and breathe it. So when I’m not playing football, I’m watching it, and if I’m not watching it, I’m reading about it, and if I’m not reading about it, I’m at least thinking about it!

If you could have coffee with any public figure (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

In relation to my obsession with football, I think I would have to go with David Beckham. He was the first footballer I ever knew growing up as a child in Canada where the professional level of the game was grossly underappreciated. I followed his entire career closely but beyond just being able to chat about his experiences on the field, given his status and the opportunities that come along with that, I’m sure he’d have plenty of amazing stories about the things he’s done off the field as well (i.e. his work with UNICEF or his recently successful endeavor bringing a new professional club to Miami).

What would you describe as your culture and/or heritage? What’s something you can teach us from or about your culture?

I have a German background through both sides of my family. (I even managed to learn the language as an adult, which I’m quite proud of!) Something I can ‘teach’ you is actually more of a tip (this one’s for the sweet-toothed out here). If you’re fortunate enough to have some sort of delicatessen or European bakery located in your city or near you, try to hunt down some ‘Bienenstich’ (literally translated means ‘bee sting’). It is a vanilla custard cake baked using sweet yeast dough topped in caramelized almonds and is one of my all-time favorite desserts!

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to and why?

I’m obviously biased (see previous answer lol) but Germany was definitely my favorite place that I’ve traveled to thus far. After first year of undergrad, I had the opportunity to take a summer semester in Germany at the University of Mannheim and it turned out to be the time of my life! A major part in that was the fact that while I was there, the FIFA World Cup was going on and Germany just so happened to win it that year. I will take the memories I have from that trip with me for the rest of my life, no doubt.

What’s the most surprising fact about you?

Despite being an athletic individual interested in many sports and being raised in a Canadian household with a father and brother that both played the sport, I have never once played organized ice hockey in my entire life.

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