The Art of Applying Team is growing!

Big things are happening at The Art of Applying headquarters!

We have been thrilled with all the interest we’ve received from all of you in regards to working with us on your grad school applications.

We currently have a waiting list of over 150 people who are interested in a Breakthrough call. What what!

That is some awesome proactive decisiveness on your part to get started on your applications NOW rather than waiting until you have just a few weeks or months before the deadline (which is when most people will start to work on their applications).

We’ve had such an influx of interest and new clients that we are expanding the consulting team (more HBS grads, more HKS grads, some dazzling grads to cover more degrees, and of course lots of diversity!).

As we work on expanding and training our team, we are going to put the blog on hiatus so we can focus on building the team, and on speaking to all of you who have signed up for Breakthrough calls.

The blog will be back online with new content Thursday, July 13.

When new blog posts are back, we’ll have lots more consultant spotlights, school spotlights, opportunity spotlights, and industry spotlights to help you get clear on who your ideal consultant on our team is for your grad school applications, which are the best schools for you to apply to, which opportunities you should be chasing, and which industries you should be learning more about before you get to campus.

If you are interested in having a free Breakthrough session with me and my team, I highly suggest you submit your Breakthrough application as soon as possible.

I’ll be attending two large conferences for grad school applicants this summer, and I anticipate the waiting list getting much longer than it is now. Get on the list so that you’ll be able to speak to us just in time for when you’re ready to start working on your applications!

We look forward to speaking with you!
Kaneisha & The (growing!) Art of Applying Team

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