Application Accelerator®

Are you ready to…
systemize your grad school application process so you can
save yourself countless hourstake the fast pass to the top of the Admissions Committee’s list, and
learn how to 
drastically increase your chances of
multiple Ivy League acceptances and full funding?

The Art of Applying® Application Accelerator® is a selective coaching program for high-potential Ivy League graduate school applicants.
The Application Accelerator® is laser-focused on Strategic Storytelling, Smart Shortcuts, and achieving Consistent, Reliable Results.

If you’re 100% sure you are applying THIS SEASON to a highly competitive graduate school (e.g. MBA, MPP, JD, M.Ed. or joint degree), and you are ready to take massive action to flip the script on your application process, reclaim your time, and confidently complete your applications to the best schools and biggest fellowships, this program is for you.

This program is designed for high-achieving high-potential students and professionals who are ready to turbo-charge, streamline, and systemize their application process so that they can submit outstanding, high-impact applications to as many schools and scholarships as they want without giving up their life, being someone they’re not, or frantically searching for answers online.

If you are interested in having a Breakthrough session to see if and how we can help you achieve your application goals, I invite you to complete the application below to join the waitlist for a Breakthrough session. We accept people from the waitlist on a daily basis.