How to Secure Your Dream Policy School Internship

Guest Post from Connie, consultant for The Art of Applying 4 Tips for Winning the Policy School Internship Game When I was applying to policy school, I daydreamed a lot. Between cramming for the GRE and drafting personal statements, I would browse school websites, look at glossy pictures of alumni, and I imagined myself at my… Continue reading

Looking Beyond School Reputation When Choosing Your Target MBA Programs

Guest Post from Nicole, consultant for The Art of Applying With hundreds of business schools in the US alone, it can be a challenge to prioritize your top choices. A school’s reputation as a “top” program for certain industries (e.g., Wharton for finance, Kellogg for marketing, Stanford for tech, etc.) can lay an extra layer… Continue reading

The Informational Interview: What, How and Why?

The all important informational interview. You’ve probably been instructed by someone–maybe me!–to do informational interviews. Do them to help you determine what grad program is right for you, as a way to connect with people at organizations where you want to get hired, and to help you figure out what career track is right for… Continue reading

The Dubin Fellows Program for Emerging Leaders at Harvard Kennedy School

Dubin Fellows Program for Emerging Leaders at HKS To help you along with your 2016 – 2017 fellowship applications for HKS, here is a post about the Dubin Fellowship. (Note: The Art of Applying is not associated with Harvard, and make sure to double-check the website! Sometimes information does change.) Dubin Fellows are entering master’s degree… Continue reading

How to Stay Organized During the Graduate School Application Process

When applying to graduate school, it’s imperative to be fairly organized so that you can stay fairly sane. Being organized will save you a lot of time, energy, and headache—so that applying to graduate school can be one part of your full life rather than take over your life. With graduate school applications, the top thing to be… Continue reading

How to Zero in on the Right Program or Degree If You Have a Wide Range of Interests

Help! I don’t know where to start, I’m interested in everything! Do you know you want to go to grad school, but aren’t sure how to narrow down the search? Perhaps you’re not sure how to decide between studying public health for refugees, conflict resolution, and management for nonprofits. You could be interested in all… Continue reading