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I applied [on my own] to three schools but didn’t get in any of them, including my dream school, which is Harvard. This time around, I just didn’t want to take no for an answer. So, I worked with The Art of Applying. I applied to 10 schools, and so far I interviewed with 7 of them. Of all the places I’ve interviewed, I’ve been offered admissions at six, including my dream school, which is Harvard.

Soltan, admitted to Harvard Business School


I made the decision to apply, to do it in the best possible way and I think it became a little easier knowing that I'm making such a big investment. This investment you're making to work with The Art of Applying® will probably come back to you in double, triple returns and that happened for me.

Surabhi, admitted to Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia SIPA, and U. of Chicago Harris


I knew I needed a little bit more help in terms of crafting my story and getting my voice out a way that I just couldn't be turned down...I knew that on the raw number [alone] it wasn't going to happen.

LaTisha, admitted to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

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Your Presenter: Kaneisha Grayson Harvard MBA & MPA

Kaneisha Grayson is a Harvard Business School MBA, a Harvard Kennedy School MPA, and the founder of The Art of Applying®.

Since 2010, she and her team have helped 1000+ paying clients get into their dream grad school with as much funding as possible to pay for it.

Learn how you can use her proven strategies to get into your dream grad school—even if you don’t have a perfect GPA, test score, or work history.

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