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Get into your dream school
while being your wonderfully
imperfect Wild Card self

You know you have what it takes to be successful at a top graduate school.

But you’re worried that your imperfect stats will stand in the way of you getting there. 

Whether you have a low test score, a so-so GPA, a painful past, or a powerful personal story that you aren’t sure how to tell in the most compelling way, my team and I can help you get into your dream school with as much funding as possible.

Hear from our clients


I applied [on my own] to three schools but didn’t get in any of them, including my dream school, which is Harvard. This time around, I just didn’t want to take no for an answer. So, I worked with The Art of Applying. I applied to 10 schools, and so far I interviewed with 7 of them. Of all the places I’ve interviewed, I’ve been offered admissions at six, including my dream school, which is Harvard.

Soltan, admitted to Harvard Business School


I made the decision to apply, to do it in the best possible way and I think it became a little easier knowing that I'm making such a big investment. This investment you're making to work with The Art of Applying® will probably come back to you in double, triple returns and that happened for me.

Surabhi, admitted to Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia SIPA, and U. of Chicago Harris


I knew I needed a little bit more help in terms of crafting my story and getting my voice out a way that I just couldn't be turned down...I knew that on the raw number [alone] it wasn't going to happen.

LaTisha, admitted to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

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1000+ Clients
Since 2010

$30M+ in
+ Fellowships

43% Harvard
Kennedy School
Acceptance Rate

Our clients’ stories prove that it is possible.

Hey there!

I’m Kaneisha Grayson.

I started The Art of Applying® out of my Harvard apartment way back in 2010. Since then, my team and I have helped thousands of grad school hopefuls get into top business schools, policy schools, law schools and other top graduate programs with tens of millions of dollars in scholarship funding.

At The Art of Applying®, we are passionate about working with what we call Wild Card applicants, because I myself was a nontraditional applicant. I was the first generation in my family to get a graduate degree, the daughter of first-generation college grads who grew up as migrant farm workers, and a liberal arts major with no formal work experience in the private sector. I had a strong GPA, but a low GMAT score of 620. I also had undiagnosed ADHD.

Despite the so-called “weaknesses” of my profile, I knew I had what it takes to thrive at Harvard, and I wasn’t going to let my “wild card” status keep me from getting into my dream school.

Once I made my own dreams come true by graduating from Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business with Second-Year Honors, I knew I wanted to help other Wild Card applicants make their dreams come true.

Getting into a top grad school with funding—even while not having perfect grades, sky-high test scores, or overwhelmingly impressive work experience—might sound too good to be true, but our clients prove it’s possible year after year.

I’m excited to show you what’s possible for you with our help.

To your success,

Kaneisha & The Art of Applying® team

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Curious to know if you’re the perfect match for The Art of Applying® coaching method?
It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the right kind of person, we can work magic together!

You want a prestigious career where you can make a positive, global impact while earning well and developing your entrepreneurial acumen.

You want to successfully apply to top grad schools in a mindful, strategic, and authentic way.

You want to reach your full potential rather than continuing to procrastinate and wonder ‘what if’? 

You’ve done some preliminary research to understand that getting quality, expert help and outstanding results is not free. It requires an investment of time, money, and effort.

You know that you deserve more than just cobbling together an application strategy from free, anonymous posts on forums. You know that you don’t get points for applying to grad school the hard way.

You’re ready to be more committed to your dreams than your doubts and fears.

You’re coachable, resourceful, and have a growth mindset.

You know that going to a top grad school is an investment, and you are ready to invest in getting the best help possible to get into the best school possible.

You’re ready to do what it takes to get into your dream school, and claim your future.

If that's you, then you are ready to book a free 15-minute Quick Call with our team.

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In just 40 minutes, you will learn the foundational principles my clients use to confidently apply, get in, and get scholarships to top grad schools. 

Watching the free training that serves as our Pre-Client Orientation is the required first step to exploring being a client.

However, I promise you’ll get great value out of it even if you aren’t interested in being a client.


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