Email Coaching

Get quick and clear expert answers to your toughest questions.

Your unique application questions, concerns, and challenges deserve a quick, customized response that takes into account the nuances of your situation. The Art of Applying team is available to clear up doubts, fears, and confusion through our email coaching service.

How email coaching works:

  • You decide how many questions you’d like to have answered. You can purchase questions a la carte or save by purchasing a bundle of 3 questions.
  • You complete the (optional) Discovery Questionnaire to provide thorough information about your background and goals.
  • When you complete your payment, you will be redirected to a form where you can submit your questions and background information. You can attach documents such as your resume to the form as well.
  • You will receive a written reply from my team 1 business day later with responses to your questions.

What types of questions do we answer through email coaching?

We answer questions that are focused on application strategy, next steps, and when you need guidance on making a specific decision.

Examples of Email Coaching Questions:

  • Which policy schools / business school / law schools would you recommend I apply to if I am interested in x?
  • Is it a problem if I’m interested in going to policy school but I have never worked in the public sector?
  • Which program at Harvard Kennedy School should I apply for?
  • My GPA from college is x. How will this affect my candidacy for admission to a top MBA program?
  • What GMAT/GRE score should I aim for? / Is my current GRE/GMAT score competitive?
  • I’m interested in taking some supplementary coursework. Where do you recommend I take these supplementary classes?
  • I’m thinking of using these three people for my letters of recommendation. Do you think these are good choices?
  • How can I best prepare the people writing my letters of recommendation to write me a strong letter?
  • I currently volunteer with x organization doing x. Do you think this will be of interest to admission committees?
  • Here’s my situation. Should I write the optional essay?

What types of questions are not appropriate for email coaching?

Questions that require us to read your essays, conduct extensive outside research, or questions that require us to provide a list of actions for you to complete are not right for email coaching.

Here’s what to do if you have these types of questions:

Question: How competitive is my applicant profile?
Response: Responding to this question requires a thorough assessment of your background. It is best addressed during a Deep Dive.

Question: What do you think about my essays? Are they interesting, well-written, and compelling?
Response: Feedback on essays is provided during coaching calls. You get access to 1-on-1 coaching calls with our All Access or hourly coaching package. You can also have essays live reviewed during group coaching calls, which you get access to through All Access or the Good to Great package. If you’d like your essays thoroughly edited, you can purchase our essay editing package.

Question: Which scholarships am I eligible for?
Response: For help finding the best scholarships for you, purchase our MoneyFinder Fellowship Search package.

Purchase Email Coaching

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