Consultant Spotlight: Catherine from Stanford Law School & Stanford History Department

Bio of Catherine from Stanford Law School & Stanford History Department Catherine has a JD from Stanford Law School and is currently a PhD Candidate in the History Department at Stanford, where she studies human rights movements in the Arab world. Her studies at Stanford are supported by a five-year fellowship, and she has won… Continue reading

Recap of the 2017 SXSWedu Conference & Festival in Austin

Guest Post from Renata, Executive Assistant for The Art of Applying  Hi, I’m Renata. I’m Kaneisha’s Executive Assistant, and this is my second guest post for The Art of Applying blog. Today’s post is about me and Kaneisha’s experience at the SXSWedu Conference & Festival in Austin. Last week, Kaneisha and I spent part of our work… Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Lin from Harvard Kennedy School & UCLA Anderson School of Management

Lin has both a MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. He was a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow at Harvard and a member of the UCLA Anderson Honor Society (top 15%). He received full-tuition scholarships at both institutions. Lin received his BS from… Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Judy from Harvard Kennedy School for 33 years

Bio of Judy who worked at Harvard for 33 years Judy joined The Art of Applying team after a 33-year career at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government where she served on the admissions committee for 25 years. At Harvard Kennedy School, Judy directed the Office of Career Services for many years. In 1997… Continue reading

How to Secure Your Dream Policy School Internship

Guest Post from Connie, consultant for The Art of Applying 4 Tips for Winning the Policy School Internship Game When I was applying to policy school, I daydreamed a lot. Between cramming for the GRE and drafting personal statements, I would browse school websites, look at glossy pictures of alumni, and I imagined myself at my… Continue reading

How to Save Money and Be Frugal in Grad School

Guest Post from Connie, Consultant for The Art of Applying How to Save Money & Be Frugal in Grad School For many of us, graduate school can be 2-3 very expensive years. Increased earning potential after graduation doesn’t always mean that you have spare cash to spend right now. Fellow students and I often shared ideas… Continue reading

Looking Beyond School Reputation When Choosing Your Target MBA Programs

Guest Post from Nicole, consultant for The Art of Applying With hundreds of business schools in the US alone, it can be a challenge to prioritize your top choices. A school’s reputation as a “top” program for certain industries (e.g., Wharton for finance, Kellogg for marketing, Stanford for tech, etc.) can lay an extra layer… Continue reading

Applying to Grad School as a First-Generation College Student: Part 3 of 3

This guest post is a part of a 3-part series written by our consultant, Marcus. Marcus is a student at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design pursuing dual masters degrees in architecture (MArch I) and urban planning (MUP). Prior to entering Harvard, Marcus graduated from Swarthmore College with a bachelor’s of art degree. Read Part… Continue reading