Princeton: Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs Master’s in Public Policy Program

Hello and welcome back to the blog! Last week we told you all about the Harvard Kennedy School’s Mid-Career Master in Public Administration program. If you’re not caught up, be sure to check in out on the blog. This week we’re keeping the focus on you mid-career professionals who are interested in an advanced degree… Continue reading

How to Write the Berkeley Goldman MPP Program’s Policy Statement of Purpose

Post by The Art of Applying consultant Heidi Before doing anything else, read the instructions closely. The online application is going to prompt you for a general Statement of Purpose but you are instructed to submit this essay in its place instead of writing two different Statements. Don’t waste time writing a general statement of… Continue reading

2016-2017 Policy School Application Deadlines for Top MPP / MPA Programs

Last updated September 19, 2016 The schools included: American University (SPA), Carnegie Mellon (Heinz), Columbia (SIPA), Cornell (CIPA), Duke (Sanford), George Washington University (Trachtenberg), Georgetown (McCourt), Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Indiana Bloomington (SPEA), Johns Hopkins (SAIS), NYU (Wagner), Princeton (Woodrow Wilson), Syracuse (Maxwell), UC Berkeley (Goldman), University of Chicago (Harris), Michigan Anne Arbor (Ford), USC (Price),… Continue reading

Writing Your Policy Memo for the Woodrow Wilson School Application

From the Woodrow Wilson School’s website, we learn what they expect from the policy memo. They tell us: “The ability to write succinct and impactful policy memos will prove useful in both academic and career settings. For the purposes of this memo, the admissions committee is less concerned about format and more interested in your… Continue reading

Woodrow Wilson School MPA and MPP Personal Statement

The Woodrow Wilson School’s website tells you: “Your personal statement should showcase your strengths and provide an overview of your background, goals, academic and professional aspirations, and a commitment to public service. The personal statement should be approximately two to four pages. If you wish to address any weaknesses in your application, it is better… Continue reading

The Woodrow Wilson School Supplemental Essay 2015

The Supplemental Essay The instructions tell us:  “Beyond your other application requirements, we want to get to know you on a more personal and individual basis. We would like you to answer the question, ‘What do you like best and least about where and how you grew up?’ Your answer should be concise, 200 to… Continue reading

Topic for Today: The Woodrow Wilson School Course List

The Woodrow Wilson School’s website tells you: “This document is submitted as a form that is built into the online application. It is a list of mathematics, economics and politics courses you have completed or are in progress. You should include courses taken as an undergraduate or in postgraduate study, including evening classes. Applicants should… Continue reading

What time is the Johns Hopkins SAIS 2014 application due?

This is NOT an official answer from the SAIS admissions office, but seeing as they don’t seem to have an official answer anywhere on the internet, I will give my best answer: 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Of course to be absolutely sure, you need to call SAIS Admissions Office at 202-663-5700. Here’s… Continue reading