Six Secrets to Multiple Ivy League Acceptances: Secret #5

Something we’ve found to be true for all applicants is that even if everything else in your application is perfect, but your essays are lackluster, you will not get into your dream school. Every year when we’re reading about the clients of other consulting firms, we see people with these extraordinary GMAT scores and really high GPAs, and they’re baffled as to why they didn’t get into their dream schools. Many of these individuals ask us to review their submitted applications and tell them what went wrong. And you know what it almost always is? It’s that they underestimated the importance of the essay.

How to Use the Juicy Story Framework to Write Strong Application Essays

Welcome to the second installment in our video series with myself (Kaneisha Grayson) and our most experienced consultant, Judy Kugel! In this video, Judy and I discuss how to make your application essays stand out using techniques such as to show (as opposed to tell) your story. Disclaimer: Judy does NOT work at Harvard Kennedy School… Continue reading

Harvard Kennedy School 2014-2015 Essay Prompts

Below are the 2014-2015 HKS application essay prompts as shared by the official HKS Admissions blog. All Programs Optional Essay:  If you have any concerns about your prior academic background, or if you believe the Admissions Committee may have concerns, please give a brief explanation of your performance in college, or your standardized test scores (750 word limit). MC/MPA… Continue reading

How to Choose Your Concentration at Columbia SIPA

Columbia SIPA’s personal statement prompt for the MIA/MPA is the following: Why are you interested in pursuing your MIA or MPA degree at SIPA? How will a degree (and intended concentration/specialization) from SIPA enable you to achieve your career goals? Describe your academic and research interests and career objectives. Be sure to include details regarding… Continue reading