2016-2017 Policy School Application Deadlines for Top MPP / MPA Programs

Last updated September 19, 2016

The schools included:

American University (SPA), Carnegie Mellon (Heinz), Columbia (SIPA), Cornell (CIPA), Duke (Sanford), George Washington University (Trachtenberg), Georgetown (McCourt), Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Indiana Bloomington (SPEA), Johns Hopkins (SAIS), NYU (Wagner), Princeton (Woodrow Wilson), Syracuse (Maxwell), UC Berkeley (Goldman), University of Chicago (Harris), Michigan Anne Arbor (Ford), USC (Price), UT Austin (LBJ School), U. Washington (Evans), U. Wisconsin (La Follette)

This list covers admissions deadlines for domestic public policy programs. Responses on applications should come back within 1 to 3 months depending on the school (this varies widely.) If the schools provide a priority date (or early deadline), we’ve put it in the chart. Spring deadlines are included for the schools that posted them for their programs that begin in the spring.

Note: Be sure to verify dates on school websites as dates sometimes change (we are human and so are the administrators.)


University (School Name) - LocationEarly Action Deadline
(Entering Fall 2017)
Regular Deadline
(Entering Fall 2017)
Spring Deadline
(Entering Spring 2017)
American University (SPA) - Washington D.C.Jun. 1, 2017Nov. 1, 2016
Carnegie Mellon (Heinz) - Pittsburgh, PAJan. 10, 2017
Columbia University (SIPA) - New York, NYNov. 2, 2016Feb. 5, 2017Oct. 15, 2016
Cornell University (CIPA) - Ithaca, NYRolling: Nov. 2016 - Jan. 2017
Duke University (Sanford) - Durham, NCJan. 5, 2017
George Washington University (Trachtenberg) - Washington D.C.Jan. 5, 2017Feb. 1, 2017
Georgetown University (McCourt) - Washington D.C.Jan. 15, 2017Apr. 1, 2017
Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) - Cambridge, MADec. 1, 2016
Indiana University - Bloomington (SPEA) - Bloomington, INFeb. 1, 2017May 1, 2017Dec. 1, 2016
Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)* - Washington, D.C.Nov. 1, 2016Feb. 1, 2017Oct. 5, 2016
New York University (Wagner) - New York, NYDec. 1, 2016May 1, 2017Oct. 5, 2016
Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson) - Princeton, NJDec. 15, 2016
Syracuse University (Maxwell) - Syracuse, NYFeb. 1, 2017
University of California - Berkeley (Goldman) - Berkeley, CADec. 1, 2016
University of Chicago (Harris) - Chicago ILNov. 18, 2016Jan. 20, 2017
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Ford) - Ann Arbor, MIJan. 15, 2017
University of Southern California (Price) - Los Angeles, CADec. 15, 2016Jul. 1, 2017
University of Texas (LBJ) - Austin, TXDec. 15, 2016Apr. 1, 2017Oct. 1, 2016
University of Washington (Evans) - Seattle, WAJan. 15, 2017
University of Wisconsin - Madison (La Follette) - Madison, WIRolling after Jan. 1, 2017


Occasionally schools will adjust deadlines, so here are a few notes to clarify:

*The Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) dates in the chart are for the Master of International Public Policy (MIPP) program. They also offer a Master of Arts in Global Public Policy (GPP). The regular application date for GPP is Feb 1. Please note the spring admissions deadline for MIPP has been extended to November 1.

2 Comments 2016-2017 Policy School Application Deadlines for Top MPP / MPA Programs

  1. Juan

    I think the posted deadlines for McCourt should say Jan. 15 2017 and April 1, 2017, for Early Action and Regular Deadline, respectively.

    As of right now, the table says that for Early Action Deadline (Entering Fall 2017) you should have applied by Jan. 15 2016 and for the Regular Deadline (Entering Fall 2017) you should have applied by April 1, 2016.

    Let me know if I have made a mistake with the information.




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